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Zandi was a happy, little pit bull puppy who was suddenly taken from her mother and "thrown away."  She wanders through the city trying to find her way home and meets a kind stranger who gives her magic words.  It's a story that parents can read to their little ones to gently help them understand the harsh realities of homeless animals.

Children will learn the importance of taking care of a pet and also learn how precious they are themselves.

In addition, the "magic words" given to Zandi are words that apply to all of us!

Download a PDF of Zandi Tales today!


Zandi's Magic Words
Sweet little Zandi is lost. She learns wonderful lessons on her way to a new home. A full color PDF version is available for download.
Price: $14.99

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Zandi Tales will be available soon on amazon also!

Zandi's Magic Words was inspired by
the story of the real Zandi.





Tomaca and Njuta, one from the U.S. and the other from Russia, met on the internet in 2007 and have remained friends ever since.



"Njuta's illustrative work was so, so wonderful.  It was such a pleasure to go back and forth on concepts and then to receive something back that was incredibly beautiful and perfect for the story."  - Tomaca

Njuta Vassilieva


Tomaca Govan

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