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Why I Don’t Have An Office

I'm out and about like a happy little healing Fairy.  Yes, that's me - the Happy Little Healing Fairy!  I'm at the farmers markets in Hartford and Windsor - out three times a week helping anyone who is interested.

After making people feel better, some ask where my office is located.  I respond with "I don't have one."

I share the gift that was given to me.  From the Creator, through me, to you!   It's given to me, so I give it away.  If I had an office, there would be overhead. Expenses like rent, electricity, heat, air conditioning, advertising, furniture, signage, etc., would be a burden that I would need to generate income for first and then I'd have to pay myself because running an office would take place of the work I do for income.  So I choose to float around (or fly around like a fairy) in spots that are free to help people for free.  Some people give a donation to exchange energy for energy and that's fine.  I'm happy to accept.  But, I don't ask for money; I am happy to help if I can.

Thanks for reading!


The Happy Healing Fairy - Tomaca

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