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We Can’t Change the World Tonight


Since people are complying with the quarantine as the completion of the 5G roll out and tower installations take place around the world under the guise of this corona thing, I thought this would be a good time to post this song:  We Can't Change the World Tonight.

We've all been debating and trying to understand this whole thing with the corona virus.  I am not here to argue with anyone, but have my own steadfast beliefs about all of it.  Meanwhile, like I said, since we are quarantined, here's a song for your enjoyment and reflection.

It's a beautiful song written and produced by Bob Hausler of Michigan.  A multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and artist who is truly invested in the musicians in his state.  He founded a song writer's guild and offers support and encouragement to everyone.

He's been nominated for and won many awards and accolades that he never made the effort to seek.  He stands out because of his talent and commitment to his craft.  Please visit his website at


Thanks Bob for this song.  It's really pretty.

- Tomaca


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