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Care For Your Body, Care for Your Voice


For singers, caring for the voice is essential, especially if it is something that you use for a career or want to use for a career. It is a flesh and blood mechanism that creates the sound that you make. It is your instrument. Your entire body is the instrument – from your vocal chords, to your lungs and diaphragm to your shoulders, arms, legs and feet. Other musicians express themselves with external instruments. Remember that since yours is internal - that YOU are the instrument.


Vocal cords are about the size of a dime in a woman and the size of a nickel in the average man. Care of your body, including getting adequate fluids, an excellent diet, proper amounts of sleep and exercise is essential. Your environment should be smoke free – as well as your throat – so that means for smokers, you need to stop to take care of your precious instrument. You also need to be conscious about what you put into your body. Learn about the foods, drinks and vitamins that you should get plenty of or avoid. Don't allow yourself to feel overwhelmed by all of the information. The key is to just keep it simple and incorporate changes slowly.


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