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This is what I see every day (note that the image is minus the people).   I arrive early - just after 8:00 am - to make sure I can get my spot.  By 10:00 and 11:00 am, other artists are arriving.  To guarantee I can get that spot, I show up at 8:00.  People do that.  They will show up two hours before they want to start performing and hold their spot so no one else will take it.  So, even though I get there around 8:00, I'll start around 9:00.  This is good though because I'll spend half an hour doing vocal warmups to prepare.

There are tourists drifting about early in the morning, but not that many.

At night, Fremont Street is a hot spot.  There are hundreds of people walking up and down the street, visiting all of the stores and bars.  However, the competition and waiting time for for circles is excessive, especially on the weekends.  Some folks wait four hours to be able to have two hours of performance time in a spot.

During the winter, it was really easy to get a spot because not a lot of people came out to perform.  However, now that the weather is really nice, everybody and their mama shows up!  Lol!

So, I stick to the mornings and it's okay.  It's wonderful just to sing and let the energy flow through.  Though I need money, if I don't make that much, it's okay because it's practice, it's training and it's a beautiful thing!  My voice is able to do things that I never could do before.  It's growing, expanding and blossoming.  Before when I was singing, I had certain limits or inhibitions.  These things have melted away as I have opened up to the Creator and the energy of the universe.  It just flows through me and it's amazing.



Headed to work!



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