Tomaca Rocks the Block!

One of my favorite things to do is to volunteer to provide entertainment for the Windsor Farmers' Market!


Windsor is my home town and I love Windsor!  It's diverse, friendly and has a great small town feel.  My neighbors are cows and they are some of the coolest people on the planet!

At this event, I enjoy catering to families and especially the children.  "The Floor is Lava" is a great child captivating song.  I smile when the little ones hear the song and turn and stare at me as they climb up on their parents when "the floor is lava" words ring out.  It's great. And no - I don't sing this song; it's part of the DJ'ing I do for the event.

So, I'll sing some, DJ some, sing some, DJ some ...   Last year, I had a regular group of lady dancers who would show up and totally turn it out!  I hope those ladies come back this year!

Also, there are chairs and tables on the sidewalk provided by The Bean. So, the Windsor Farmers' Market is a great place to 1) buy some healthy produce from local farmers, 2) chill out n' relax and 3) hear some music.

I am performing for the opening market on June 15th and then every first Thursday of the month through October.  And, just so you know  - I DO "Rock the Block!"

See ya there!



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