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Tomaca Designs is Now Designs by Tomaca!

Rethinking, redoing, revising, rebirthing, rebranding... is no more!

My creations are now Designs by Tomaca ("Designed by Tomaca") and all can be found on this website - Tomaca.netEverything now falls under one platform - singing, designs, healing, soul motivation, my music and published works - all of me is under my branded name.  This is as it should be.  It's pretty exciting to me.

Why have people go here, there and everywhere, when I can have a one location for everything? It makes all the sense in the world to me.  So, again, welcome to me!  I love me some me!

By the way - yes of course I made my hat and my super cool jacket pictured here.  I like to MudCloth me down!


Labels in my creations have been changed.  Here is the new label you will see going forward:



Visit the shop page by clicking HERE.

My facebook page is still Tomaca Designs.  The link is HERE.

I am Simply A Singer.

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