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The First Full Day – AKA Day One


I am finally catching up on my blog writing, now that it's July and I'm back in Connecticut! This experience is from January 16, 2019.

The night I got into town, I did venture around the corner to visit the famed Fremont Street.  I had actually never heard of it before, but know now that it's a famous location.  It's part of the old downtown.

It was raining so the street, though with some people, seemed a little low key.  It's just a few blocks covered with gambling places, restaurants and street performers (which was really cool!).   I didn't spend a lot of time because I was more focused on my mission to find a place to live...

I don’t know exactly how many miles I walked today, but I am certain I covered A LOT of miles.  I walked in the opposite direction of the party side of Fremont Street.  I just walked.  There are so many motels and places to rent all over.  There are also quite a few motel-type living places that are fenced in and under renovation.

I went into establishment after establishment viewing rooms and apartments for rent. Each one held my passport for security as they showed me what they had available.   The nicer ones didn’t have anything available.  One place even had to run a criminal background check on me before they’d show me anything.  Well, good security!

There was one that was pretty funny.  It was considered a one-bedroom, which was really one small room and a framed area that contained a bed.  There wasn’t room for much anything else.  I had to laugh once I got inside.  “This is a studio apartment!” I told the woman.  It had a sliding glass door for the entrance and the door didn’t even lock. Yikes!  And – and – it was on the second floor.

In Vegas, most of the apartments are set up motel style.  So the entrances are open to the outside.  You don’t go inside of a building to your apartment.  You walk up the stairs and down the walkway to your door.  I felt skiddish going up these awkward, open stairs to a second level and then walking down an open walkway (yes, there’s a rail on the side, but I’m still skiddish – the heights thing).

I continued to walk and saw one really sharp building. It was tastefully colored and people had balconies.  You walk into the office and there’s hip music playing in there and in the lobby.  It’s a hip place, obviously appealing to the younger, working crowd.  I inquired about the rent and it was $1,100 for a studio.  Was appealing, but more than I wanted to pay.  On to the next spot.

By this time, it was probably around 11:00.  I had been out walking since about 8:30.  I said to God, okay- how much longer?  Where’s my place?  I tapped into my inner self and looked around to try to figure out which direction I should head in now.  I felt like I found the right direction and started walking.  Then lo and behold, I came across a really nice looking building.  And it was an actual 4-story building versus the usual motel type set up.

I have to say that when I looked to move in June 2018, the thought of renting an apartment inside of a building really turned my stomach!  One entrance for everyone, everyone walking up and down the hall way, someone living on top of you, on the side of you, below you – ughh!!!  I just couldn’t do it.  Once I decided to go into pricey Rivers Bend in Windsor, my whole spirit was instantly put at ease.  My own separate entrance and no one on top of me or below me and just one shared wall!  That worked. That’s why I went there.  When I got to Vegas, I had that same interest.  But, when I saw how everything was set up like a motel, it just didn’t feel right.  So, as I walked up on this building, I saw a gentleman sitting on his balcony and we waved at each other.  I asked “Where’s the rental office?”

“Right around the corner.  Keep going you’ll see it,” he replied.

There it was. As I was buzzed in by the ladies at the front desk, it felt right.

The young lady showed me their show studio apartment and I liked it instantly.  It was really, really cute!

Back downstairs, she gave me the spiel, and asked if I wanted to fill out an application.  I would need to give a couple of money orders for the credit check and to put a hold on an available unit.  I asked where the post office was so I could get money orders and found out it was just up the street and around the bend, so to speak.  I said I’d think about it and left.

I ended up going straight to the post office.  I got both money orders and went right back there and filled out an application.  It felt right.  I felt like this was going to be where I make my start in Vegas.

“Okay – we’ll have an answer in 3-5 business days and we’ll get back to you” she said.

As I left, I was very hopeful that I would be approved and be able to rent this place.  So at 12:00, I called an end to my work day and allowed myself to be a tourist for a little while.

I went down the party side of Freemont Street and took time to go in and out of the stores and to get a clearer idea of just what restaurants were there.  I looked at the endless supply of Las Vegas memorabilia and thought about sending gifts back to family and friends at home.  But, knowing that I couldn’t really spend money, I enjoyed the thought of doing such a thing.

I hung around Freemont for a while and then caught the shuttle up to the real Las Vegas Strip.  It cost $8.00 for a round trip.  Still not having a good idea of just how far away the strip was, I was hopeful that I could walk there.  After getting on that bus and seeing just how far it had to go, I realized that it was definitely not in walking distance!

The bus made stops all along the strip.  I didn’t know really where I wanted to get out, I just kind of rode along.  Finally, I decided I’d jump out and start walking around.  I was really physically exhausted from all of the walking I’ve been doing since I came here, but pushed on.  I probably spent a couple of hours walking up on one side, crossing over and then down another. I took lots of pictures with my cell phone. The lights and razzle dazzle on the strip is extensive and was far more than I had even imagined.

Again, exhausted, I decided that I should really get back and rest up. I knew that my legs would be sore tomorrow.   I’m standing at the bus stop with another woman.  She said, “here’s the bus! This is the one we want”

It turns out that it wasn’t actually THE bus.  It did go back down to Freemont Street and bring me close to the motel, but it wasn’t the double decker bus that I rode down on.  This was actually a free bus and I didn’t have to actually pay freakin’ $8 for a special bus to get to the strip!  Oh well!  :  )

The poor woman realized after many stops that she was on the wrong bus and had to get off and get an uber ride.

I got back “home” and stretched out, grabbed my computer and started writing commentary for my blog.

And what say you?

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