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The Downtowner Motel


Along the highway there were beautiful statues of horses made from metal.  I would have taken pictures, but it was raining pretty heavily.  We were on the highway seemingly forever.  I don’t think the driver knew exactly where we were going.  I gave him the street address and he didn’t have a clue really and because he was on the highway so quickly, he couldn’t punch the address in the gps.  So, he was guessing.  Great.  Finally I mentioned Container Park, which is some kind of club/strip mall or something and he knew exactly where we were going.  Thank goodness!

In hindsight, I should have put the address in my own GPS and gotten us directions.

My driver was a nice young man though.  He was from Ethiopia.  He loves the climate in Vegas because he said it’s very much like this where he comes from.  I asked about the 120 degree summer days. He said, “yes, it’s beautiful.  Just drink a lot of water and you will be fine.”

“Is the water safe to drink here?” I asked.

“Oh, no, no.  You must drink bottled water.  The water here is hard and it’s not safe to drink.”

“Great,” I said to myself.  But, of course I know that all of our water is not completely safe…

We had a nice conversation.  He’s a Christian, from Ethiopia, hopes to find a wife someday and to have children.  He drives a taxi and has a roommate also from Ethiopia.  They split the rent so they can save money.  We talked more about Vegas and his impression of the city.  Nice young man.

I had googled the cost of a cab from the airport to the motel.  It told me it would cost me about $24.  Meanwhile the meter climbed far past that.  It ended up costing me almost $60.  Uber certainly would have been a lot cheaper but they don’t allow Uber to pick up at the airport here.  Which I understand because no one would ever take a cab and pay more.   Which brings to mind, why don’t taxi companies get a little more in line with Uber to lessen the competition?  Well, there are probably business matters that I know nothing about…

I arrived at the Downtowner Motel.  I read a lot of reviews about this place.  There were more negative reviews than positive ones. The main impression was that it was “dirty.” However, when I went to book a motel for my stay, they had the lowest price. That’s what I was looking for and what I needed – cheap.

I also know that people find what they project.  In other words, if you’re bitter in life or angry or carry a lot of negativity, that’s what you’re going to find in your surroundings and situations more often than not.  If you are light hearted, happy and positive, then that’s what you will find.

So I read the reviews and I focused on the positive ones.  “Nice,” “clean,” “friendly,” “excellent location,” etc.  That’s what I was looking for when I got here and you know what?  That’s exactly what I found.

The day before my arrival I got an email from saying that they had forgotten to include the resort fees in the purchase price.  (Resort fees are what all of the hotels/motels here charge just because they just want to charge you more for the room without saying that they are just simply charging you more for the room.)  I was incensed.  I was absolutely not going to pay more than what was stated when I originally booked the room.  It would have almost doubled my cost to be here by adding an additional $210.  I complained about this to a friend and sweet, kind person she be, she immediately sent me $210 to help me out!  I love her!




The lovely lady at the desk, pulled up my reservation and read off the price that included the resort fee.  I immediately presented a printed copy of my email that had the original price that I booked the room for.  I could immediately sense that I was not going to have to be forceful about it.  I was grateful.  She was so very nice about it.  She confirmed that my original booking was for that price in the system and said “we’ve been having problems with”  So my original price stood and that’s what I paid.

She put me in the back of the building on the second floor.  She said, “you’ll like it there, it’s very quiet.  There’s no elevator, there are stairs.”

I groaned and said “Oh, I’ll have to struggle to get my luggage up the stairs.”  She immediately offered to send someone over to help.  I said “over to help” because I was actually staying in the building across the street from the check in location.   Then superwoman responded and said “Oh, that’s okay, I can handle a flight of stairs with these.”  Superwoman never minds her business. She always speaks up when she’s not spoken to.

Not a super big deal though.  I struggled, but I made it up here.  And how cute the room is!  It’s darling and it’s reasonably clean.  The bed is super, super comfy and the sheets are very clean.  Bathroom could use a bout with superwoman doing a cleaning job, but it wasn’t bad at all.  The only thing is that the carpet is a little grimy.  I did expect that and brought my slippers.  I told them across the way that I was very pleased with everything and mentioned the carpet situation.  I told them I would leave a very good review for them.  You could see that they are in the process of making improvements and renovations on their properties and they said that they were going to remove all the carpet and just go with regular floors.  Good idea because people are messy.  I can imagine how many spilled sodas and coffees have accumulated on the rug here.  No big deal though.  Superwoman bought her slippers!


And what say you?

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