My Love to Windsor Farmers Market and Many Others!

I am so grateful to the lovely Town of Windsor.  When I came back from Las Vegas, I was looking for a place to sing.  I love to sing everything - all kinds of music and I didn't want to be confined to one specific genre of music.  They made a place for me.  I started singing at the Windsor Farmers Market a few years ago.  I have history with them because I used to be a vendor selling the bags and hats I designed and made.  It was mad fun every summer.  And it was great to see the same crew every year - with new added faces!

Andy Lepak is an awesome musician and singer.  I was pleased to be his counterpart on opposite weeks!

This summer has been great (despite the extreme heat in July - it made it tough to be out there singing - but it was done!).

I am also grateful to Lost Acres Winery, Hartford Farmers Market, Granby Farmers Market, New London, Town of East Hartford, Town of Seymour, Alvin Carter, Doug Long, Warren Byrd, Saskia Laroo, Greater Hartford Arts Council, City Steam, Windsor Senior Center (all the cool people who hired me for private parties) and all of the totally awesome people who enjoyed the music all summer long and took my cards and shared my info.

There's much more to come as I look forward to getting back into writing and branching out by tailoring some shows specific to Jazz and specific to Opera!  All of the other fun music stays so don't worry!

My agent, Renee Prescott, is my ROCKSTAR!  I love her because though she's busy with her own band, Shaded Soul, she always has my back and makes magical gigs happen!