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Designs by Tomaca
Saturday, November 27
Sankofa Art Gallery & Cafe LLC
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
124 Blue Hills Avenue, Bloomfield, CT  06002
Sales of Hats & Bags designed by Me!
(This is not a musical performance date)


Saturday, October 9
The Annual Indian Orchard Food Truck Festival
117 Main Street, Indian Orchard, MA
Event is 12:00 - 6:00 pm
Showtime: 4:30 pm

**Tomaca Designs products will be available here!  Find my booth!**

**  Some Feedback **  "You were so amazing, you had the hair standing up on my arms..."  "I just can't believe there's someone out here who can sing like Minnie Ripperton!"  "You were amazing. You took your time and carried us on all the songs you did."


Thursday, September 30
Windsor Farmers Market, Broad Street, Windsor, CT
Showtime:  3:00 - 6:00

**  Some Feedback **  "Tomaca, you are the best entertainment we've ever had here."  "Wish you could come here every week and sing to us."  "As soon as you started, some women came and asked for your phone number - you're going to get some calls."



Sunday, September 26
2:00 - 4:00

**  Some Feedback **  "You're fantastic. I've never heard anyone as good as you.  Would you be willing to come to DC?"   "Great job!"



Thursday, September 2
NorthEnd Farmers Market, Coventry Street, Hartford, CT
9:00 - 12:00
With Blessings Divine - the Life Giving MC




Random Quotes

"I travel all around the world and I've never heard someone as wonderful as you."



"They should have chairs out here because people with stop and listen!"



"You are fantastic!  What a variety!"



"Tomaca, you are phenominal!  You should be on the big stages!"



"You are amazing.  You are special."



"Your performance was God-inspired and mesmerizing."



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