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My Vegas Arrival



On the original itinerary, it said the plane would arrive at 3:00 pm.  We left Atlanta half an hour or so late because it was raining in Vegas.  I never rains in Vegas so they were freaking out and delaying incoming flights.  Funny, huh?

We actually got to Vegas just after 1:30 pm.  I just assumed that they took into account the time change on the plane schedule and that it was arriving at 3:00 Vegas time. I never stopped and counted the hours and matched amount of flight time.  So according to Vegas time I had an hour and a half before I could check into my motel.

I sat down in the airport and took the time to message my family and friends to let them know that I had arrived safely.  I texted a picture of the welcome to Vegas sign in the airport.  I’m here.  I’m standing on the ground.

My arrival was uneventful – not as I pictured it.  I expected to feel a surge of energy or something inside. Hard to explain or to describe, but I was looking for something.  But, it was okay.  Inside me is such rock hard determination to make this move work.  I had locked myself in inertia for so many months waiting for this one event.  I put so much on hold.  I found it hard to do much of anything except look at apartments on the internet and look at what was happening in Vegas and what to do.  My mind has been here for a long time.  In fact, I started broadcasting that I was going to Vegas to find singing opportunities two years ago.  I made it here just shy of two years.  Now I’m here and it’s definitely on.  I’m focused and moving forward with my plan.

Meanwhile the car:

My son had it towed to my mechanics (Burhoes in Bloomfield, I love those guys) and when I got off the plane and turned my phone on, there was a voice mail message from them asking that I call.  Uh oh!  Oh no!  Couldn’t be good news.

The power steering tension belt blew.  Because it’s an entire assembly versus just slipping on a belt, the repair would cost $800.  I felt sooooo bad.  It wouldn’t be worth putting $800 into the car.  I was giving my son a gift that turned out to be a bomb.  I felt so bad that I wanted to turn around and go back home and make the situation right.

Of course, the philosophical side of me looked at the situation very differently.  There’s a lesson here – there are lessons for both of us.  There is an opportunity here not just to learn but to also change some karma.  I won’t break it all down in this post, but when you look at things spiritually, you see the reality.  You can clearly see all the growth opportunities and positive outcomes if embraced in such a manner.  However, the me that is Mom wanted to put on her bat cape and fix it, but she had to stand down and sit this one out.

So I have the car situation heavy on my mind.  I have troubling emotions, but none the less I have to regroup myself.  I begin to reflect and relax and to accept that everything will be okay.  Meanwhile, I have to text a lot of people to let them know that I arrived safely and I am okay.  Texting, texting, texting – I’m here, I’m here, I’m here; I made it, I’m here.



I eventually made my way outside to grab a taxi to head to the motel.

And what say you?

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