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The Open Times of My Life, I Have A Dream

From my brother, Rodney D. Nelson.  A man who made some mistakes and ended up writing poetry from his prison cell, where he spent many years of his life.  He came to understand the importance of love and embraced it fully and kept it until the end of his life. This is his work and the fulfillment of a promise I made to him many years ago.  He wrote the words and I did the layout for his book.




His words from the book introduction:

I’ve been writing poetry for ten years. This is my book of poems. Poetry gives me a love, like feeling to say, “yes, I can love,” and I have the feeling to give in my words - that you will see.

To me, poetry and poems give people that little smile to show pleasure, sarcasm, pity, etc. I believe we all have that side in our heart that love gives. My book gives you all of this love, happiness, joy, and sadness of life and hope.

These poems give you a glimpse of my past life during times of love and reflections of other things that life brought me in touch with.

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