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SONGS IN MY LIFE! I invite you to my songwriting adventures.  How do the songs get here?  How do I write them?  Where do the melodies come from?  Exactly how are they created? The songs have meaning. They have emotion and purpose. I am so grateful to be able to share what I am inspired to manifest. It hope anyone listening to my songs and reading this book find even a tiny piece of inspiration.

I’ve probably written well over 300 songs, recorded about 35, would like to re-record some of them to make them better and to endlessly record and write because it’s such an enjoyable process. 

During interviews I’ve often been asked what inspires me to create or to write a song. The answer is anything and everything. It could be the way the wind blows; a glance at a flower, the observation of the energy surrounding a couple in love, a child’s smile or listening to music that holds an embedded, silent melody and words within its vibe. It’s imagination that leads to a “download” of words and melodies. Sometimes when I go to write, I have the concept and a few lines and nothing else seems to come. I go off to do something else and by not thinking about the song at hand, I am able to get into the vibration with it and the rest of it comes.

SONGS IN MY LIFE is volume 1 of a collection of songs that I've written and recorded during my years which includes an explanation of how they came to me.  It's an interesting trip for anyone who'd like to understand my process and see a glimpse of my mind.


It is such a powerful statement - Call to Prayer. It's a calling to connect to the Divine. It's so important for us to do so. Life is a prayer; every breath is God entering our bodies and sustaining our lives.

"Call to Prayer, Songs in My Life - Volume 2" is the second of the series in which I talk about how I wrote the songs in the book. I've written over 300 songs over the years. Not all of them have been recorded (of course), but that's the goal - to record everything over time. But, anyway, the book gives you a glimpse of my soul as I tell all in terms of what inspired me to write the various songs.

Take a walk inside my head, inside my life. You are welcome as I share philosophies and ideals that make me, me. Life is a beautiful magical place if we let it be. For anyone who is doing what they are, they become magic. The more I allow myself to create, the more in tune I am with the essence of who I am. And it's beautiful.

Click on the image to buy the book on Amazon. Enjoy it. I welcome feedback. Thanks.

- Tomaca



Zandi was a happy, little pit bull puppy who was suddenly taken from her mother and "thrown away."  She wanders through the city trying to find her way home and meets a kind stranger who gives her magic words.  It's a story that parents can read to their little ones to gently help them understand the harsh realities of homeless animals.

Children will learn the importance of taking care of a pet and also learn how precious they are themselves.

In addition, the "magic words" given to Zandi are words that apply to all of us!

Download a PDF of Zandi Tales today!


Zandi's Magic Words
Sweet little Zandi is lost. She learns wonderful lessons on her way to a new home. A full color PDF version is available for download.
Price: $14.99

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Zandi Tales will be available soon on amazon also!

Zandi's Magic Words was inspired by
the story of the real Zandi.





Tomaca and Njuta, one from the U.S. and the other from Russia, met on the internet in 2007 and have remained friends ever since.



"Njuta's illustrative work was so, so wonderful.  It was such a pleasure to go back and forth on concepts and then to receive something back that was incredibly beautiful and perfect for the story."  - Tomaca

Njuta Vassilieva


Tomaca Govan

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