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It is such a powerful statement - Call to Prayer.  It's a calling to connect to the Divine.  It's so important for us to do so.  Life is a prayer; every breath is God entering our bodies and sustaining our lives.

"Call to Prayer, Songs in My Life - Volume 2" is the second of the series in which I talk about how I wrote the songs in the book.  I've written over 300 songs over the years.  Not all of them have been recorded (of course), but that's the goal - to record everything over time.  But, anyway, the book gives you a glimpse of my soul as I tell all in terms of what inspired me to write the various songs.

Take a walk inside my head, inside my life.  You are welcome as I share philosophies and ideals that make me, me.  Life is a beautiful magical place if we let it be.  For anyone who is doing what they are, they become magic.  The more I allow myself to create, the more in tune I am with the essence of who I am.  And it's beautiful.

Click on the image to buy the book on Amazon.  Enjoy it.  I welcome feedback.  Thanks.

- Tomaca


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