Though Tomaca (to-may-sha) refers to herself as simply a singer, she is also a Songwriter, Recording Artist, Author, Actress, Healer, Medium, Soul Motivator, Mother, Grandmother, Designer, Artist and a Child of Earth. Writing is just another natural expression of who she is. The reader is invited into a glimpse of her mind, her soul and her life as she shares what inspires her to write and to create.



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Where did the songs come from?

What inspired there creation? Tomaca documents the evolution of the songs she created in addition to delving further into their meaning. Through the process of self expression she hopes to inspire others to seek a deeper awareness of themselves.

Volume two of Songs In My Life, Call to Prayer, provide even more insight and detail into the life and mind of the artist Tomaca. As she breaks down the origination of the creation of a number of songs, she opens the window so much wider into the view of her soul, her world. Her philosophies and outlook on life are all through each of the songs she has written. "Life is a song we sing. How do you sing it?" - Tomaca. She tells you how she sings hers. Take a trip, read the book and let the movie into your head.


Zandi's Magic Words is a delightful story about a little pit bull puppy named Zandi.  Zandi was Tomaca's real life puppy and she wrote this story about her.
Zandi was thrown away by her owner and forced to take a journey to find her way home. On her way, she finds wonderful "magic" words to use. They are words that children can learn to use to enhance their own lives.
The story was illustrated by Russia's Njuta Vassilieva and Tomaca.

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In hindsight, the book could have been called "Losing Reine."  It's a love story about a Tomaca's little dog Reine and losing her.  It's a heartfelt, real life experience. Yours free by clicking here to download a PDF copy.

Every been hungry?  I mean truly hungry - no food, limited water access - ever experience that?

I met a woman who was truly hungry. Of course, I helped her, but I wanted to go beyond helping to trying to understand what her life was like.  I tried not eating for two days.  It was an interesting experience and I wrote it about it.  Download click here to download the story as a pdf for free.