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The Story Behind the Song

Performance at a gig around that time frame. At one of the hotels. Me headlining. #proudofme

It's dark -- after 8:00 pm.  I'm on 91 south headed to a gig.  I was out of range of my favorite radio station.  I like to catch one of the college stations because they play jazz or laid back R&B.  Once my station fades out, I'm stuck.  It's a bummer to have to scan radio stations because all of the other stations are crap to me.  I do not enjoy commercial pop music.  Most of the stations that come through on ride feature exactly that.  Loud, crappy music - loud, crappy commercials.  So that night I turned the radio off and drove in silence.  As I did, I started thinking about the relationship I was in and how real it was to me.  We had our challenges but there was love there.  And neither one of us wanted to let go of the relationship.  The positives outweighed the negatives and neither of us wanted to let it go.

"We can't let it go-o-o-o- on no..."  It started echoing in my head.  Before I knew it, more of the song started coming through.  The trip took me almost an hour.  Did the gig and then the next day, I was able to sit down and write out the whole tune.  Sang the song to my A-1 guy at the time - Philip - and voila! he hooked up the music and I recorded it. 

The version played here and released on my cd was reproduced anew by Michael at the Music Lab.  



We’ve been through some trying times
We’ve been through grave despair
It’s because we ignored the signs
And let our lives take us there
And for all we’ve gone through, something we’ve learned
It’s greater than love inside, this feeling that burns
Just can’t explain it, minds can’t comprehend
This mystery of us only time can mend
That we can’t let it go
I won’t let it go
My baby won’t let me go
We can’t let it go
We’ve emerged from our own darkness
By creating our own light
Our struggles brought out our strengths
Our struggles made it right
Even though we are two, we’re really one
You are the heart that beats, I am the lungs
Such a vibration, way down in our souls
The further through life we go, we somehow know
But we can’t let it go
I won’t let it go
My baby won’t let me go
We can’t let it go


Words & Melody by: Tomaca L. Govan


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