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The Story Behind More to Life

The band Northwind.


We had a band.  We were very young and the music the guys made was good.  Butch Kimbrough on drums, Philip Govan on bass, Andrew Rosenberg on keys, on guitar Winston Fisher and Ray -- forgot his last name.  So sorry, I don't remember the horns... This was so very long ago.  But, the guys wanted to do some original tunes.  Winston wrote one, Butch had I think two, Philip had a couple. 

Oh!  We had William Wilson on vocals.  He was from the south and had a great voice. He took the stage with command.  I was just starting to sing with a band and I used William as inspiration and someone to pattern myself after somewhat.  I was so young then.  I was afraid to sing, but had to.  

The great thing about working with those guys is that they respected my talent- or they knew I had talent even though I was fearsome.  They tolerated me.  Maybe the fact that I was Philip's wife had something to do with it also.  :  )

Anyway, they came up with this music one night and it was my job to write to it.  I remember sitting in the living room with the house completely quiet and being able to write the whole piece - melody and all.  It worked.  

A few weeks later, we went into the studio and recorded this song and the others that the guys had written.   The studio was a large one and the whole band played at once.  I was in the vocal booth.  It was my first time in a recording studio.  It was freakin' awesome.  I heard the band through headphones and could hear myself really well. That was exciting.  For the first time, I did not sing flat!  The wonderful, patient guys that I had worked with in the band all came to me and said I did a good job.  

Philip always said that they recognized that I had talent.  Thanks Phil and guys for believing in me.  

I still have all of the songs that we recorded that night. One day I might post them.  Such a difference in my voice from then until now.  You could hear that I was still a young person and with a nice voice, but a voice without a lot of texture or experience.  I believe life experiences really enhance a voice.  It gives it more tone and meaning. Maturity. I like a mature voice.  It's like a well-seasoned meal that gives you a really full feeling. 


More to Life


You sit home alone listening to the silence
Wondering what you’re here for
Inside you there’s an emptiness
A fear growing on
It’s a strange kind of loneliness
One you don’t understand
Search within and see the light
Let your soul take command

There’s more to life than what you’re livin’
There’s more to dream than the visions in your mind
If you’ll just keep on searching
Your dreams will never die
Freedom lies in tomorrow
Just you wait and see
Things unfold as time goes on
Your soul’s destiny

Open your eyes and know you’re not dreamin’
You are real, so is life
Just in believing that is true
You’re on your way to the sunshine
We’re not here always
Time is passing by
Rise my friend learn to live
If you fall and lose your place
Get on up and start again

There’s more to life…
Copyright Tomaca

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