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The Story Behind I Don't Want to Miss You


The highest compliment you can get is when someone tells you that your music had an impact on them. 

One of my girl friends called me.  She and her guy had a big spat and he walked out.  She said she listened to this song on-line repeatedly and decided that she "didn't want to miss him."  She called him up and they are back together and happy.  Nice.

Pur-d-natural imagination here. Was thinking about a couple who worked on opposite ends of the 24 hours - one at night, one during the day.  I'm a big supporter of living smaller, living with less if it means you can spend more time on the things that are important to you.  Spend more time with each other, spend more time with your kids - even your pets. 

This song is the woman trying to appeal to her guy to do this exact thing.  More of us and less of the things that allow us to have more of us.  Downsize the house, get different work hours - let's spend some time. 

Yeah.  Do it.



I need you to listen to what I have to say
Give me your full attention, don’t let your mind stray away
I’ve been wanting to tell you just how great you are to me
You’re everything that this woman could ever need
Let’s change the way we live our busy lives
Let’s do with less so we have more of our precious time
Let’s change the way we say hello, goodbye
Let’s not be like passing ships from a story line
Cause I don’t want to miss you
I don’t want to miss you
And I’m missin’ you
Cause I don’t want to miss you,
I don’t want to miss you
And I’m missing you
The feeling’s all over in the kiss you leave on my face
The one that you give me when I’m sleeping and you start your day
When I come home babe, it’s late and you’re asleep
All I can do is crawl in bed, hold you and dream
I need you to listen.

copyright Tomaca

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