Lyrics and the Stories Behind the Songs

I wanted to share - not just the lyrics to all the songs - but also the stories behind them.  Everything that we manifest starts with something that inspires us.  So, there's a story behind everything.  There's a purpose, a journey ... there's this thing that we go through when we create.  It all begins with a single thought that we allow to root, to grow and to blossom in our minds.

I believe that most of the things we create are given to us.  They flow through us - - as we are conduits of a greater energy or a higher presence.  We are receptors and what we receive is based on the type of receptor we are.  There are some who do science, some who do art, some who do human services, medicine....  For each receptor, there is so much of creation to create - if we are open and receptive.

Every artist has a different story about what they go through and where their inspiration comes from.  It's amazing that one can look at something as simple as the design of the wood from a tree and create a song, a sculpture, or a piece of furniture from it. We can see and hear based on the frequency that we're on.

I hope whatever your gifts are, that you are "tuned up" and "tuned in" to your channel of inspiration.

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Tomaca has written over 300 songs, some of which are in included in her books, Songs in My Life Vol 1 and 2 (available on Amazon)


Where did the songs come from?

What inspired there creation? Tomaca Govan documents the evolution of the songs she created in addition to delving further into their meaning. Through the process of self expression she hopes to inspire others to seek a deeper awareness of themselves.

Volume two of Songs In My Life, Call to Prayer, provide even more insight and detail into the life and mind of the artist Tomaca Govan. As she breaks down the origination of the creation of a number of songs, she opens the window so much wider into the view of her soul, her world. Her philosophies and outlook on life are all through each of the songs she has written. "Life is a song we sing. How do you sing it?" - Tomaca. She tells you how she sings hers. Take a trip, read the book and let the movie into your head.