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Let’s Rock 2022

Big Year!  Hopefully, the pandemic will calm down and life can be what people consider to be safer for gatherings and such.  Fingers crossed!

The year has already kicked off with bang!  One of my dear friends asked me to help with his book.  You'll be delighted when it comes out because you'll learn some great history with one of America's great music makers.  It's a big project and I hope we'll be done within a month or two.

I have another friend who is very well traveled having played all over the world with some big names  - and studied drumming right in the heart of music's beginnings - Africa! He's promised this is the year he gets it done.  I've been bugging him for some ten years now....  But, he's really close to getting into this editor's hands!

I've officially added Motown to my performance inclusions.  I did a holiday party for a senator and normally their crew sits and talks, but - - Tomaca had them up and dancing!  It was a blast!  They said "we've never partied like this until you came along Tomaca!"  They were a Motown crowd and I gave them Motown all night long.  It was awesome!  So, I've added Motown officially to the list.

Also coming up are some new Designs by Tomaca!  I'm making clothes now - actually super cool pants - that you WILL definitely want to have.  I've got a serger on order and it should be arriving this month!  Yay!  Excited!  But, it means A LOT of work is up ahead as far as the sewing goes.  I'm also continuing to make my famous bags and hats.  I need to get some of them on line and keep promising to get it done soon - - - Okay, let me make a definitive commitment and say that I'll have items on line to sell by January 30.  Gonna hold myself to that. Busy, busy, busy!

I plan to have some new music up this year also.  I've been talking with some producer-type friends and promises have been made.  Music is coming!  Though performing is fun and great and all, I really enjoy writing songs and putting messages out in the world.  Last year, I redid vocals on several tunes and reposted them - they're new and improved!  But, promise being made - more new music is coming!

I don't put my music out on itunes, soundcloud and all of those other places because they just don't pay artists!  Distributors make all the money and the artists get pennies (honest to goodness, we get pennies).  We have to work hard to find work-arounds.  So, I've obtained my own distribution company now and I'll be distributing my own music on the internet!  I'm still working on a name for my distribution company.  A lot of the names I've come up with already exist in some way. It has to be unique and meaningful.  I'm sure something will come soon!

So, I've talked about my editing work, new Designs by Tomaca, getting designs on-line to sell, new music projects and distribution.  What else is there?

I really hope to get the guys in the studio this year. I've got some really top notch musicians ready to go whenever I'm ready.  And, though the guys would not mind working for free, I can't do that.  It's important that they get paid for their genius.  I don't have "genius-paying-money," however, I will compensate them for their time. So, it's coming and it will happen.  I'm saving all my pennies for this!  Gonna get to the dollar amount that I need!

Performances - my wonderful agent and I are working on getting a fun outside line up for the warmer weather. I enjoy doing the farmers markets and will definitely be out there this summer!  Certainly indoor gatherings will be a little more plentiful once things calm down.  But, there is that to look forward to - gigs!  Live singing! Yay!

Evening Soiree!  Coming up, coming up! My own thing - you'll buy tickets and come to enjoy a really wonderful evening with entertainment by yours truly. Details still need to be worked out.  Let's make it happen though!

Oh - I got "bosed!" Yeah, yeah - have an amazing Bose PA system now.  Really looking forward to letting that baby kick the sound full out!  It's powerful and the clarity of the music is simply heavenly. And, get this - I can pick it up easily!  It's a jammin', lightweight system.  And, Sweetwater Music loves me now. I am again a cherished customer as I was in time gone by.  Haha!

I am also working on a book entitled "Love Inspired Healing."  I've been letting it float around in my head with just a few pages on my computer for about the last three years.  2022 now owns this publication.  I'm going to get it done.

Public speaking!  Ahem!  I want to talk to all the young ladies out there about the female body and its "care taking."  All the individual speeches I've given during healing sessions will be part of the book, "Love Inspired Healing." There will be meditation recordings available and I want to talk to all the women - young and old (with a focus on youth). I've wanted to do this for a number of years also.  So 2022 is going to do this for me also. I'll be talking to you in socially-distanced groups soon!

Ummmm  - what else is in my wonderfully creative mind???

Ah yes - there is more. Much, much more.  Let's end it here though, shall we?   Suffice it to say that 2022 is going to be a blast!  We're gonna rock it!



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