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Karaoke @ Container Park

There's a place called Container Park in Las Vegas on Fremont Street.  Fremont Street is a really nice place.  Several blocks of fun and entertainment.  Restaurants, a variety of street performers, of course casinos and lots of people having fun on any given night is the highlight of Fremont Street.  It's like the mini-strip of Las Vegas.  Container Park features it's giant, fire spewing praying mantis!   It is a self-contained, open air arena with shops, restaurants and a large stage with seating.  They frequently provide free concerts.

As I was walking down toward Fremont, I could hear music and singing.  I realized it was karaoke and decided to drop in.  It was hosted by 15 Minutes of Fame Entertainment.  It was a Tuesday night, pretty chilly - but normal I guess for January in Vegas.  I put my name on the list and had a ball!

I didn't realize they recorded the whole performance.  Thanks guys!!!

note:  if you don't hear sound when you play the video, make sure you click the mute/unmute button on the video.



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