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I’m Back!

The picture above is my son.  Yes, he can do that and hold that position for a long time.


Where have I been?  I did some cover tune renditions a few months ago and made image videos for youtube and musically that's been it.  I've been sewing like a fiend.  Building inventory for the summer craft fairs.  I actually did a fair in November.  Go to work, come home and sew like crazy.  Don't sleep well because I'm making bags and hats in my head nonstop.  I have - no joke - about 50 sewing projects in my head at all times.  It's been challenging because as I am actually creating and sewing one thing, the next 10 projects are being created in my head at the same time.  Don't get me wrong, I find sewing to be great fun.  Great fun.  But, I was far too obsessed with it.


I remember two summers ago when I supported myself solely with my designs -  my hand crafted products - It was crazy.  All I did was sew, sleep and go out vending.  My entire life was consumed with sewing in an effort to keep up with sales.  It go to be so challenging that I reached out to some of my friends to get their products to sell in an effort to keep my tent full of pretty things to sell.  It was something that I won't do again.  I love to sew, but I need to do it in a relaxed manner.


Meanwhile, as I'm sewing everyday after work, music is way in the back of my mind and I'm asking myself if I am going to get to work on it or not.  Building inventory for the summer is very important.  But, just how important is the music?


I had to stop everything.  I needed to clear my head.  I needed to decide.  The way to do that is to do nothing for several days and see what pops up as needing to be done.  So on the fourth day of my doing nothing after work, I open up the computer and pull up garage band.  The list of songs for my next CD is taped on the wall and it starts to glow and becomes weirdly three dimensional.  I have my answer.  Get to work on the music.  Put that first.


I've got songs in my head.  Many songs.  Words and melodies.  No music because I don't play any instruments - yet.  I felt like I was in a bit of a quandry because I need to have music done.  I would love to go back to my former producer, but I need an armful of money to work with him.  That's how he makes his living and he's really good at it. So with his services not presently an option, I sat long and hard about who I could impose upon or ask to do music for me. 


This is how the Creator works.  We had a conversation about how I was going to get music produced.

My friend in Michigan came to mind.  He's really busy with gigs, but told me he'd do a piano part for me when he got a break in his schedule.

I went to see my former band and the keyboard player asked me about working on some side stuff with music.

My dear, sweet, multi-instrumentalist friend in LA came through for me and produced a third song.

A friend in Springfield sent me a tune when I was in Vegas earlier in the year.  I worked on it, but never finished it.  So I added that to the list of songs that needed to be done and his was the first.

I'm chuckling to myself because I have more and more songs that I'd like to get done.  However, I know it will happen.  I have no fear.

I'll be blogging about each song separately.  But, suffice it to say that I am back on the music.

My friends keep asking when I'm going to start performing live again - join a band...   That part hasn't come to me yet.  I am not fully decided as to what I want to do and how I want to do it.  I do check out the ads in craigslist on the regular.  So I do have my eye out, but recording is the main focus right now. Plus, I'm sewing too.  Not at the maddening pace that I was previously.  But, I am working on my inventory.

I am working toward where I want to be versus where I am.  So, soon, soon, a live thing will come.  Meanwhile I'm working on these tunes and I'll have them posted one by one fairly shortly.

Thanks for reading and remember to spend time developing yourself for where you want to be.  You already are where you are.  To get beyond that, you have to create a you for your future.  Your future self.  Get busy.


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