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I Rise Up

Often when I "tap into " someone's body to help them, the body will tell me why they have that ailment. This is so fascinating to me. I can give dozens and dozens of examples.

One woman said that she always had difficulty standing from a sitting position.  She was probably mid 50's and a little heavy set, which is normal for a woman her age and she was Jamaican. I looked in her body and could not find a physical issue that would cause her to have difficulty standing from a seated position. There was absolutely nothing there - no spinal/back issues and nor was her weight a problem. Nothing was out of balance. It was apparent to me that this issue was subconsciously created.  I asked her to sit in my chair and to say "I rise up easily" as she stood up.  I chose the wording because she was Jamaican and I felt she could relate to the term "rise up" versus "stand up."

"I rise up easily," she said as she pushed on the arms of the chair to stand up.

I asked how that was. She said it was easier, less difficult, but she still had a little difficulty. There was some resistance. So I had her sit down again and say as she stood up "I rise up easily; nothing keeps me down."  It worked. She was able to easily stand up without any resistance and she was happy about it.

I asked her if she was going through some challenges and if she felt like she was being beat down by life.  She said "yes."  So this was her answer - to tell herself that she "rises up easily and nothing keeps her down."  That is the mantra or the affirmation she was given. I explained to her that her job is to now make that statement a part of who she is and how she lives every day. Embedding an affirmation like this into her being will give her power and strength and change the perspective of whatever challenging dynamic she is facing. It will cause her to change because this affirmation will elevate her thinking, making it more positive. From all of this, her life will change.


The Happy Healing Fairy - Tomaca

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