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God Said Sing!


This is a poem written by "Lady Brynne."  She's an artist and was on Fremont Street offering to write a poem based on three words that you give her.  My three words to her were "God Said Sing."  What follows is what she wrote:




The grace you receive is sufficient enough.

The life you've lived has made you touch

Strong enough to survive the rough spots.

Lots of love still coming your way.

Share your love everyday.

So let your joy out.

God said sing.



I love the line that says "let your joy out," because when I sing, that's exactly what I do.  I let it out.  I release energy, love, passion and that great "divinness" I feel when I sing.  It's an amazing feeling.

I believe that we are all channels for the Creator.  I don't sing.  I am merely an instrument for the universe and I open myself to let its love pour through.  I try not to think when I'm singing.  If I am thinking about the notes, or thinking about the delivery and the precision, I am putting  myself in the way of what the Universe or the All That Is wants to put out there for others.  So I focus on letting it go so it can pass through me.

People ask me if I get high; if I smoke weed or drink alcohol.  No, not ever.  Singing in my high and for me there's no greater feeling.

I thank God for allowing me to be an instrument.  I am so grateful to be obedient and to serve.  God Said Sing.  And, so I do.

And what say you?

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