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February Was Dang Cold in Vegas!



I purged all of my winter things before I left Connecticut.  Boots, coats, scarves, hats, gloves --- all gone!  I won't need those things in Vegas!  Who was I kidding?  Oh my God - when February rolled through here it was freezing!  Cold, cold, cold!  Down in the thirties.  I had no idea it would be this cold in Vegas - none!  I wish I had kept all of those things - especially my favorite, famed wrap that I bought in New York several years ago.  It was beautiful, thick and warm.  The quality was exceptional.  I bought it from a street vendor for just $20!!!   I haven't seen anything comparable to the quality or the thickness of it in any of the stores.  Makes me sad to think I'll never find one like it again.  But, maybe I'll get to New York and find them again someday.  Maybe!

I also gave away my really cool artist crafted poncho.  I paid $62 for it.  I loved it!  But I said - "It's going to be waaaay too hot to wear this in Vegas.  Stupid.  Oops.  At least I gave it to a young lady who I really like - and - I can always order another one from Delynn.

I definitely over purged and I really miss my things.  Replacing everything is going to be really costly and leave me in a financial hole.  So, there are things I am doing without.  But, I miss my stuff!  Did I say that already?  I MISS MY STUFF!

So, the cold caught me way off guard and I have a job where I work outside, plus I would brave the weather and go out and sing also - ummm - sometimes...  I'd have to pile on seven layers of clothes to go out, including long johns under my pants!  I bought some thick socks (because I purged all of my wool ones!) and wore two pair of socks to keep my feet warm.  I would stay out and sing until I started to really feel the cold.  The hands would be the first to go.  Then once I started feeling the cold in my chest, I pulled up stakes and left.  Can't afford to get sick!

I didn't even bring a sweat shirt with me.  Dang!  Had to buy one here and I miss the cool sweat shirts I had.  Oh well.

So, for those who think that it's warm in Vegas in the winter, like I used to - it's not!  January was comfortable with a light jacket.  February changed the whole entire vibe.

Most of the tourists I ran into were from the midwest and Canada.  It felt like spring to them here.  Their homes were immersed in -30 degree weather.  Some of them were even walking around very comfortably with shorts and t-shirts like they were crazy (at least to those of us who were freezing, they were).

Well, I purged everything winter, but at least I kept my warm, fuzzy, little footies and one of my Tomaca Designs MudCloth Hatzz!

People from Vegas say that when summer hits and that desert sun starts blazing, we will all miss that 30 degree weather.  Yikes.  That frightens me.  I just may have to slide up to Reno or down to Cali or maybe back to the east coast for June, July and August.  I'm even thinking I might get a gig on a cruise ship for the summer months.  I've got options beyond the desert.  We'll see what happens....



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