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Digging Out Old Videos & Pictures


As part of the moving process, I am purging, purging, purging.  As emotionally attached as I was to certain items, I decided, sadly, to let them go.  My goal was to get my possessions down to 5 large boxes and to ship them via FedEx Ground.

So, I went through every single item that I owned.  I touched it, looked at it and thought about it.  Then the decision was made to keep it or to let it go.

I will start over fresh – which means I will brake for every tag sale I come across looking for furniture for my new place, in my new location across the U.S.  Most of the furniture I have now I purchased at a tag sale.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they say!  I found some really cool pieces at tag sales and know that I will find more cool stuff.

I had a couple of boxes of family memories on video tapes of various sizes and many that had already been burned to DVD.  Instead of dragging those items with me, I chose to digitize everything – including family photos.

Not only does digitizing them make it easier to keep with me, but it also makes it easier to look at everything with today’s technology.

Going through all of our memories really does a job on us.  I was so teary eyed as I  watched all of those wonderful past experiences with my kids.  It took me back.

An appropriate introduction to my song “Memory Lane.”



In addition to all of my family memories, I also have some video and pictures of my past performances and interviews.  As I go through them, I am posting bits and pieces.  I hope you enjoy them.


More news to come on the big move.


As always, thanks for reading!




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