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A Tomaca Solo Performance is perfect entertainment for:
Outdoor Events & Celebrations,
Concert Openers, Farmers Markets,
Libraries, Nursing Homes,
Private Parties, Birthdays, Luncheons, Dinners,
Anniversaries, River Cruises  - Etc.!
Band Performances also Available



Renee Prescott Management


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Random Quotes

"I travel all around the world and I've never heard someone as wonderful as you."

"They should have chairs out here because people with stop and listen!"

"You are fantastic!  What a variety!"

 "You were so amazing, you had the hair standing up on my arms..."

"I just can't believe there's someone out here who can sing like Minnie Ripperton!"

"Tomaca, you are phenominal! You should be on the big stages!"

"You are amazing. You are special."

"Your performance was God-inspired and mesmerizing."

"You are the best entertainment we've ever had here."

"What a voice!  What a range!"

Tomaca during a singing performance for Congressman John Larson


The Music

Click the Link and check it out.  Hope you enjoy the music.  I am a fan of love and empowerment.  There's nothing we can't do.  Those are topics I enjoy the most.  Hear more here.

About Me

A whole history of performances and music - off and on throughout my life.  Turning it on and going to keep it on...  Read more.

Vocal Coaching

Everyone can sing.  Work with me and I will do my best to help you develop your fullest potential.  More information, click here.

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