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Tomaca Govan

P.O. Box 804

Windsor, CT 06095


(860) 558-7416

You can check out some cover tune renditions here.


I am a healer, a singer, a medium, an author, a bag designer - - all that and a bag a chips!

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The Music

Click the Link and check it out.  Hope you enjoy the music.  I am a fan of love and empowerment.  There's nothing we can't do.  Those are topics I enjoy the most.  Hear more here.

About Me

A whole history of performances and music - off and on throughout my life.  Turning it on and going to keep it on...  Read more.

Vocal Coaching

Everyone can sing.  Work with me and I will do my best to help you develop your fullest potential.  More information, click here.

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