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Bye Bye Las Vegas!!!

I'm writing this one month and two weeks after I left Vegas.

The last of the items remaining in my studio apartment.

The last day - my last day.  It only took a couple of hours to get the last of my things out of the apartment and to clean it.  I met this nice Phillipino lady named Milka.  She came across me as I was putting what little furniture I had obtained in the hallway.  I was hopeful that people would come and take what they wanted.  I refused to put good stuff into the dumpster.  I can't waste things like that; it's not who I am.  So, Milka comes along and says "this is nice!  Can I take it?"

"Sure, everything is being given away."

She said, with great astonishment - "You give away everything!!?? What else do you have to give away?"

She came down the hall with me to my apartment and took a look at the several boxes of kitchen things, hangers, clothing, etc. and asked if she could have everything.

"Sure! " I responded.  "Come back at 3:00. I need to finish getting everything ready."

She and her husband announced themselves precisely at 3:00 with a gentle knock on the door.  They loaded up their arms and made a few trips up and down in the elevator to carry everything.

After that I looked at my clock on the wall and it showed me I still had several hours before my flight. I could have taken a bus down to the main strip to see the site for the last time.  But, I never found that interesting - - the strip.  I put the clock in the last box of things to give it away.

Earlier in the day, I ventured out and said a final farewell to friends on Fremont Street.  The temperature is supposed to slightly tip over 100 today.  It's crazy.  In Vegas, you are being roasted from above and below.  The sun is so hot and intense.  The concrete absorbs and holds all of the heat and just blasts you with oven roasting temperatures from the ground.  I was glad I said my farewells before the temperature peaked too high for my comfort.

I loved my little studio apartment and thanked it for being there for me.  It was adorable and everyday when I walked in, I said hello to it and always said goodbye.  Sounds strange, but it's gratitude.  We should all always have gratitude for everything - where we are, what we're doing -- even the fact that we're breathing.  Life is a magical place.

I thought about all of my initial plans to go to Vegas and be in Vegas.  I spent two years dreaming and planning.  In my mind, I thought I'd be there for at least a year, maybe two.  I came here to sing.  Not to make the big time, but to support myself financially as a singer and artist.  Sadly, I found that the entertainment industry in Vegas is extremely racist.  I watched white women who could not vocally tie my shoes, being given the stages.  African American artists - dancers, singers, bands and other types of performers - are not allowed on certain stages.  Never.  This was the reality of Vegas.  There were racial rules.

I was extremely saddened and surprised to learn that this is how it worked there.  But, then when I think about the genocide being inflicted on human beings like myself, (police murders, people calling the police on people of color for frivolous reasons, white americans killing Black Americans and getting away with it, etc.) I should not have been surprised.  I always felt like art and talent made a difference.  Sigh.  It doesn't.

So I didn't have the interest in fighting against the discrimination.  I didn't see a reason to go around and to prove my skill and talent to anyone.  I know what I've got and it's a spiritual gift that I will gladly use wherever I am and however I can.

I learned what I needed to learn in the six months I was in Vegas.  And, after a time, I found myself in great need of trees, grass, squirrels, shade, reasonable summer temperatures --- and more and decided to go home.  It was a good adventure and unfolded so much within me.  Wonderful things that were waiting to happen inside of me happened while I was there.

So back to my last day - I sat around watching netflix on my phone until it was time to go to the airport.  I dialed up an Uber and headed out.

The Uber only took 15 minutes to get me to the airport.  It rode straight down a main street and it only cost me around eight dollars.  When I landed in Vegas, the cab took 30 minutes and cost me $60.  He took me on the highway -- and obviously for a ride financially.  I was upset when I realized I was ripped off.  ...and I gave the cab driver a nice tip too!  Oh well...

It was my first time flying Southwest.  I was a little nervous because it only cost me $200 to fly from Vegas to Boston.  That was so cheap considering Delta and American flights were upwards $450 for the same trip.  However, the flight was fine.  I left at 11:30 pm and got to Boston at 5:30 am.  It was a perfect ride.  The staff was very kind and helpful.

I was surprised at how many small bodies of water could be seen from the plane as we got closer to Boston.  I don't know where we were exactly - New York state, Massachusetts - - I tried to take a picture of the landscape from the plane, but it didn't fare too well.  I got great glare shots of the window instead.

A successful, smooth landing followed by the great de-boarding of the plane!  It's always slow going - - you have to sit there and wait for the people in front of you to move out.  Once I step off that plane and out into the hallway, it feels like freedom!  Whooohoo!  You're out of the tube and free!

I got my luggage and stood out in the Boston air waiting for the bus to take me to the bus station, so I could catch a bus to Hartford.  It was cold and rainy.  I dug out a couple of t-shirts and put them on under my Las Vegas hoodie in an effort to be warm. It didn't work too well. I didn't realize that I was so cold on the east coast. No bother though because soon I was on the bus, traveling the last stretch to Hartford. It would only take an hour and a half to be back on home soil again.

My daughter and grand daughter surprised me and met me at the bus station.  I told them I would find my way and not to bother picking me up.  I didn't want to take them out of their way and impact their day, but you know how daughters are -- or at least mine is.  If it's Mom, I'm going to be there.  So sweet.

My blog is no longer entitled  "Vegas Life News."

Good by Las Vegas!   I take with me so many revelations and gifts and knowings.  The Creator has blessed me.  I understand why I was sent there.  I could not have blossomed in the way that I did otherwise.  It could not have happened anywhere else.  There are new things I know now and these gifts and things I cherish.  Thank you.


My friend Gerome
A reminder to myself!
Pretty flower bush at my apartment building
Rocks, rocks and more rocks! No grass in the desert (except in affluent areas).

And what say you?

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