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For any event you're planning:

Need for a soloist or concert artist, entertainment for networking mixers and other parties - Tomaca can help create the right atmosphere and set the tone. She endeavors to add variety, a touch of class and sophistication and makes the event feel more intimate and personal while amplifying the energy and excitement in the room.

Tomaca sings across genres with a wonderful personal touch to try to make your event more memorable and fun for everyone.

A Tomaca Solo Performance is perfect entertainment for:

    • Outdoor Events & Celebrations

    • Concerts

    • Farmers Markets

    • Libraries

    • Nursing Homes

    • Private Parties

    • Birthdays

    • Luncheons

    • Dinners

    • Anniversaries

    • River Cruises  - Etc!

Wow!  I thought I was listening to the record!  – Las Vegas

The concert was nice, then “Little Miss Minnie Ripperton” showed up and blew everyone else away!  – Granby Juneteenth Celebration

“I listened and you gave me chills…”

“Your performance was God-inspired and mesmerizing.”

“You are amazing. You are special.”

“Tomaca, you are phenomenal!” – Las Vegas

“I just can’t believe there’s someone out here who can sing like Minnie Ripperton!”

“What a Rockstar you are!! I heard you were good but you are beyond gifted. You have the most beautiful voice…”

“I travel all around the world and I’ve never heard someone as wonderful as you.” – Tourist from Japan – Las Vegas

“You were so amazing, you had the hair standing up on my arms…”


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