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Atlanta to #VegasLife

I sat and dozed off and on as I waited for the next flight.  I was really sleepy and sleeping as I sat in the chair.  We’ve all had that experience when we fall asleep in a chair and your head falls back and your mouth is wide open and suddenly you catch yourself as your head snaps all the way back and you jerk it forward and wake up.  I did this for about an hour.  And you know that I had to look really funny, but I was so tired, I didn’t care.

Well, let me back up - - The Atlanta airport is huge.  First I had to walk forever, go on the sliding floor train thing, walk some more, maybe I took an escalator way, way down and then I caught a train to get to the next terminal.  Underground trains are everywhere!

Fortunately, my itinerary was set up by a wonderful friend who travels regularly.  She knew that I would need an hour and a half layover to make sure I had adequate time to get to the next terminal. This would include time in case I got lost!  Thanks Cat!

The flight was relatively uneventful.  I sat snuggled with my jacket over me as it was very cold on the plane.  I slept rather uncomfortably because I really wanted to recline my seat so my head could lay back, but I didn’t want to impose on the person’s space behind me.  I slept off and on nevertheless.  I put in my ear buds and listened to fantastic music.  Every time I woke up, I changed the artist that was playing.  Two of Sade’s early cds kept me in lala land.  Donny Hathaway, with that phenomenal colorful voice tone rocked me.  My Los Angeles friends – Al Lucero and Sammy – really put icing on the cake.  Al’s production and Sammy’s voice are a match made in heaven. The style is old school and so relaxing!

As I woke up off and on, during my flight, at one point I realized that my necklace was not on.  It had a metallic snap fastener. As I constantly snuggled myself under my jacket, I must have accidentally pulled it off.   My beautiful and amazing aromatherapy bottle (created by Sarah Rose) slipped off.  I got up and pulled up the seat and scoured the floor, with interested onlookers wondering what I was doing, but never found the bottle.  I found the necklace string, but no bottle.  I was very upset with myself. I love that necklace and wanted to wear it out here as a charm.  I contacted Sarah Rose and told her that I need to order another one as soon as I have a mailing address here.  Oh well…

Necklace with the missing bottle and charm!

I am not a frequent flyer.  When it was time to get off the plane, I had no idea where to pick up my luggage or how to find out where

to pick up the luggage. I scanned boards that displayed information and didn’t see anything.  I tried to follow other passengers as they got off the plane, but everyone seemed to disappear within the crowds at the airport.  I also realized that I didn’t pay attention to any of the faces on the plane – so I couldn’t recognize anyone to follow.  Plus, I had just slept for the last four hours…

I finally found a free delta agent that I could ask and she looked it up for me.  Again, because the airport is so large, you have to walk all the way down forever, take a left (or was it a right?), go down the stairs and then take the train to area XYZ.  So I did all of that and arrived in a huge area where there were many luggage conveyor belt areas.  I was rushing through trying to read all the signs and looking for delta.  Again, by the mercy of something- I found an agent who told me which number area to go to.  I looked way down the way and saw people all around the belt in mass.  It was so far away that by the time I got there, most of the people were gone.  I know that no one would want to take my luggage; everyone was interested in collecting their own.  But I’m sure everyone has in their mind that they must rush and get their luggage.  So did I.

As I said, by the time I got down there, just about everyone was gone and only a few random suitcases were swirling around and around.  Two of them were mine.  I’ll have to get better at this traveling thing.  Everyone else seemed to know where the luggage was. Maybe it was listed on the app or something -- ?   I haven’t a clue but will learn how to do this effectively for the next time I fly.

Just before we boarded this flight, they offered people the opportunity to check their carry on bags.  I chose the option because my suitcase was so heavy that it was hard for me to put it up there and take it down without help.  On the first flight, very nice men helped me put it up and take it down so I could roll it and be on my way.  Of course, I struggled with carrying it on and off the plane itself.  The aisle was not wide enough for me to roll it.

I didn’t want to show weakness.  I don’t want to appear like a weak, little old lady; so I put on my “I-got-this-face” and struggled like hell on the inside to look strong carrying the bag. I also told myself that now is the time to start really working out and to include weights in my regiment. I want to be stronger.

So, walking on the plane without the bag and then walking through the terminal after the flight without the bag made me feel really carefree.  As I told J on the first flight, because I’m moving and am in between places, I have no keys.  No keys for a car and no keys for a home.  It felt so freeing.  Walking carrying just my pretty, big bag that I had just made days before for traveling, felt cool.


Maybe other people would be freaking out about not “being somewhere” – not having a residence, not having a car…. but all of this made me feel light.  And, I wasn’t in fear and I didn’t feel insecure or uncomfortable.  I am bound for this adventure and open to whatever it brings.   And I have the expectation that it will be all good things.




And what say you?

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