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Written in January, a few days after my arrival in Vegas:


I woke up to rain – again in Vegas! People say this is very unusual.  It may rain for an hour and then stop and they never see rain again.  So all of this rain, rain, rain is very different for them.

I decided to take the morning to sit and write.  I wanted to document things before they got lost and covered with all of the new things.  It was nice to sit in bed and type all of the things flowing through my mind.

It would be nice to be working from memories that are as vivid as possible but I am actually recapping the last few days and find that things are getting lost as each day starts to run into another.

I have so many pictures that it will take time to get them all uploaded to the website for inclusion in the blog, but I need to get it done.

After spending some time writing, the rain subsided some, I decided I need to get back out on the job – find a place to live!

I took out and started walking again.  This time in a different direction.  I ended up coming across the court house and law offices, etc.  From asking a gentleman in a suit – obviously a lawyer – I am in downtown Las Vegas.  The motel and party Freemont Street are in downtown.  I didn’t want to continue to experience these kind of buildings, I wanted to see more residential areas and began walking in yet another different direction.

I happened by a really nice looking complex. I went in and inquired about residence and was shown a really cute studio apartment.  Everything was included in the rent with the exception of electricity. Thanks to living at Rivers Bend in Windsor, I was introduced to the concept of paying fees for sewage, water, landscaping, etc.  This seems crazy to me.  And I felt certain I was being ripped off by these monthly fees, but what can you do?

So the fact that everything was included in the rent except electricity was a great deal.

So here we go, we go outside and walk inside.  Take an elevator up to the second floor and then – we have to walk outside past everyone’s door, turn a corner and then turn another corner and here’s the door.  The problem is that we have to walk on that narrow walkway with the open rail on the side.  If I wasn’t walking with the young lady, I’d be hugging the walls, sliding along slowly because of the fear of the height and the open rail.  Oh no, this place was really cute, but I couldn’t handle getting to it.  We went back downstairs, I got my ID and said thanks very much.  If you get something on the first floor, I’d be interested.

811 East Bridger Ave., Las Vegas - where I lived.



I continued on my mission and start walking again.  I was headed back toward party Freemont Street.  Then I saw the pawn shop!  I ran straight in there to look at the music equipment.  I had sold all of mine versus trying to ship everything.  Plus, I didn’t have an address to ship things to, and I didn’t want to impose on people by asking them to hold a bunch of boxes for me. So everything is gone and has to be replaced.

I saw a nice acoustic guitar for $50.  I saw a nice Yamaha keyboard, but at $300, it was out of my price range.  I saw speakers, basses, microphones – everything I loved and wanted to have.  As soon as I move I plan to at least get a cheap guitar.  I need something musical in my life!

I recorded the pawn shop address in my phone so I could find it again.  I’ve been using my gps for walking directions and it’s been really helpful.  So, I’ll get back to the pawn shop as soon as I have a place to put things.

At the pawn shop, I met a young lady who had just moved here two weeks ago from New York.  She came because Vegas rents were more affordable than New York rents.  She said the strip had the same kind of vibe as New York to her and the weather was great.  For instance, today, we’re walking around with light weight jackets versus bracing for snow as they’re doing in New England - today! We talked about how native Las Vegas people feel that the weather here today is freezing.  It’s probably about 50 degrees.  She laughed about the fact that there’s even a store that sells heavy down winter coats and people actually buy them and wear them here. Oh – if only they knew what we experience in New England!

She also told me about some really affordable apartments that I should check out.  When she mentioned the name of the apartments, I felt like they sounded familiar.  I knew that I had looked at them on the web, but couldn’t remember if I had actually been there.  So, after I left the pawn shop, I plugged the address in the gps and headed out.

After ½ hour of walking, I realized that this was the area I was in yesterday.  As I got closer to the address, it dawned on me that I had already looked at these places.  Walked all that way for nothing.  And mind you, my legs are really sore from all the walking I’ve been doing (but that’s a great thing!).  I decided I would head up to the place where I put in the application to follow up.  Three to five business days for a decision just seemed like a long time to wait for approval.  I need to be out of the motel by next Tuesday.  My goal was to find a place to live this week.   And I liked the vibe this place had and I can feel myself living there.

I’m at the door and the ladies buzz me in and the one I spoke to yesterday said “I was going to call you!”

I found out that I was approved!!!   Oh, the thrill, the joy, the gratitude!! Praise!  She said I could move in within the next few days.  I’ll stop by tomorrow to sign my lease and pay my rent and deposit. I will then have an official address, keys and be back on the grid!  Lol!   I’ll get my new Vegas PO Box set up immediately thereafter.

After that, I danced my way down to the motel office and asked if I could leave early and be refunded for the days I did not use.  They graciously said “yes.”  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My legs are really killing me from all the walking I’ve been doing (and again, that’s great!!). It’s getting challenging to move them! LOL.  Be glad when I’m in my own spot and I can soak them in the tub.

I went down to party Freemont Street to get some pizza for dinner and then headed up to the room. I’ve been working on all of these posts over the last few days.  I need to get the photos uploaded.  There are so many.  I’m probably going to wait until I get my macbook shipped out to me.  Yes, shipped out.  I have three little boxes that my kids are holding for me to fedex to me.  They contain my macbook, sewing machine, studio headphones and other miscellaneous little stuff.  So glad I’ll have an address!!!  Yippee!  I can get my stuff!!!!

Tired today.  Tomorrow I’ll go back to the apartment building and hopefully be able to sign the lease, get a definite date.  I will also step up the search for an inexpensive car.  I need another George.  He’ll be my rock and take me where I need to go around here.  I realize that everything has fallen into place for me here.  It's been easy.

I’m excited.  Good night!

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