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Tomaca is a dynamic vocalist and performer who sings across genres - RnB, Motown, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Show Tunes and Opera - from Chaka to Ella to Jesseye Norman. She's performed throughout New England, in Las Vegas, opened for Kool and the Gang and is a former anthem singer for UConn basketball.


Tomaca began singing in a Lutheran church as a child and developed a really big operatic voice.  Her aspiration was to be like her older sister, Nancy, who was a singer also.  She married young and put emphasis on raising her children.  Tomaca and her former husband wrote songs.  One of their songs was recorded by Colorblind  ("Come And See The Band"), a band with Capital Records.  Another song was recorded by Stacy Lattisaw and Johnny Gill.  They were never given credit for the song and happened to hear it on the radio.

After her third child became older, Tomaca was in her early thirties and started singing in local bands.  She worked full-time and sang part-time performing all throughout New England including Boston, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.

Eventually Tomaca stepped out on her own to front her own band. She performed at Foxwoods and a string of other locations.  She became the regular for the national anthem for the famed UConn basketball teams and opened up for Kool & the Gang at the Oyster Festival in Norwalk, CT.

Tomaca came to a point where she stepped back from performing to get into writing again.  She worked with Michael Terry from the Music Lab on the production of two of her cds, "Can't Replace A Hug" and "More to Life."  She was also produced by Daryl Hayott, Sr. which yielded a CD entitled "Memory Lane."

Tomaca played the part of the radio d.j. in the film "Elevators."  She's sung commercials for local Connecticut industries and for the Jamaican Tourism Council. Tomaca has also done work as a voice over artist including a cartoon character for a training program.

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Performance Videos


Songs In My Life, vol. 1 and Songs In My Life, Call to Prayer, vol. 2 were published in 2020.  She takes you on a journey through her life that revealed the songs she's written. Her published books are available on Amazon:

Tomaca worked with Russian illustrator Njuta Vassilieva whose illustrations helped to bring her story, "Zandi's Magic Words," to life.


Designed by Tomaca - returning soon!

I started sewing doll clothes by hand when I was a child. When I was old enough, my Mother let me use the sewing machine.  Fabric speaks to me. It always has. I loved making my own clothes in high school and being unique. These days, I am focused on making hats, bags, scarves and other accessories. I find sewing relaxing and creating to be amazing. Like the facebook page: Tomaca Designs.  And view items on the website for sale by clicking here.

I am a natural born Healer and am honored to be able to share my abilities with others. I discovered I was a healer when I rushed to help someone with an emergency medical situation and was able to save their life.  This gift was revealed to be within me.  Be open to wholeness, wellness and love.  Love Inspired Healing Energy flows from The Creator through me, to you.  I would be happy to try to help you with any issues you may have.

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Who are you?  Are you doing what is best for you? I assist with your soul searching and provide uplifting counseling to help you make a breakthrough.  As a Dream Diviner, I show people how their dreams are a reflection of their own thoughts in an attempt to provide clarity.  As a medium, I can relay messages from your loved ones who are in spirit. This is all a part of healing.

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Tomaca with the Cast & Crew of "Elevators."



With producer Michael Terry

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Click on the book to purchase on Amazon or read more here.




Tomaca's Past Bands

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