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"You are truly one of the great singers of our time!"


Tomaca is a dynamic four octave vocalist and performer who sings across genres and does RnB, Motown, Jazz, Opera, Classical, Rock and Show Tunes. Her repertoire includes a wide variety of artists dating from the current time back into the 40’s as well as some original music. She’s performed in Jamaica, throughout New England including Boston, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Foxwoods. She spent time performing in Las Vegas, opened for Kool and the Gang and is a former anthem singer for UConn basketball. She has returned to live performances after a long hiatus.

Tomaca played the part of the radio d.j. in the film “Elevators.” She’s sung commercials for local Connecticut industries and for the Jamaican Tourism Council. Tomaca has also done work as a voice over artist including a cartoon character for a training program.

Tomaca has written over 300 songs, some of which are in included in her books, Songs in My Life Vol 1 and 2 (available on Amazon) and has produced four CDs. One of Tomaca’s original songs was recorded by Colorblind (‘Come And See The Band’), a band with Capital Records; another was recorded by Stacy Lattisaw and Johnny Gill.



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When you sing, I can feel everything down in the very core of my being.

You are truly one of the great singers of our time!

You are truly a great singer.  I’ve never heard anyone as great as you are.  You are really over the top!

Wow!  I thought I was listening to the record!  – Las Vegas

The concert was nice, then “Little Miss Minnie Ripperton” showed up and blew everyone else away!  – Granby Juneteenth Celebration

“I listened and you gave me chills…”

“Your performance was God-inspired and mesmerizing.”

“You are amazing. You are special.”

“Tomaca, you are phenomenal!” – Las Vegas

“I just can’t believe there’s someone out here who can sing like Minnie Ripperton!”

“What a Rockstar you are!! I heard you were good but you are beyond gifted. You have the most beautiful voice…”

“I travel all around the world and I’ve never heard someone as wonderful as you.” – Tourist from Japan – Las Vegas

“You were so amazing, you had the hair standing up on my arms…”



cast and crew of the film elevator



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