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A Conversation with Young, Future Doctors

I was so happy that there were three UConn medical students at the farmers market in Hartford last Saturday!  These three young men were really interested in learning about "real" healing - what I do - and I was extremely anxious to teach them.

None of them had any pain or ailments to speak of, which would have given me the opportunity to "heal" a headache or a backache or something else.  However, it was a very chilly morning - too cold for shorts - which one of them was wearing. He was literally freezing and shivering. I told him that I could get his body to warm up and to adjust to the temperature so he would not be cold. Of course he laughed and his two companions laughed and he said facetiously, "go ahead!"

I sent energy to his body to help it do exactly what I said I would do. He and his friends were amazed and I was so grateful because it gave me the opportunity to explain many things to them in terms of how the body works.

I explained to these young men that western medicine is excellent if you break a bone or physically damage your body.  These things they do really well.  But, when it comes to actually looking into an ailment, in most cases they fall short because they don't seek out causes. They treat symptoms and not the root of the cause. They make a list of all of the symptoms and give it a name:  this is cancer, this is diabetes, this is high blood pressure... then they give you pills to treat all of the symptoms.  These pills don't heal anything; they just continuously respond to symptoms period. I told them they need to find out why the symptoms are there and to treat the causes.

The body is intelligent. By design, it is created to be self-healing. So then, why do people end up with things they call cancer, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid issues, etc.?

It begins with thought.  We are our own greatest and most captive listeners. We talk to ourselves all day, every day.  "I'm tired." I'm sick and tired." "I hate this about myself."  "I messed up again; I'm so stupid." "I'm afraid of getting cancer."  "Oh no, so and so is sick in the office, I"m going to get sick also."

It's a deep subject that we can spend days and days talking about, but you get the general idea.  The things you think about yourself become a part of your very being. Your thoughts manifest themselves in your body. Absolutely everything that you think and feel becomes a part of you. Often I can tell what some of the thinking has been that manifests soreness or an ailment in specific parts of the body. For instance issues with the hands is sometimes connected to not allowing yourself to reach for something or to have something.  The person is beating themselves down and telling themselves that they can't have it because they're not good enough, they don't deserve it or something. That's just one example.

It is especially important that people and doctors know and accept that the body is intelligent and capable of healing itself. I always give the example of a cut that heals itself. You get cut and the first thing the body does is stop the bleeding by clotting. Then it sends in the white blood cells to fight off any potential infection. The skin repairs itself by closing the wound or the cut.

If your body raises its blood pressure, it is doing so for a reason. Western medicine will give you pills to lower the pressure. This works adversely against what the body is trying to do to maintain itself and help itself. It is raising the blood pressure for a reason! Lowering it with pills is absolutely the wrong response and causes the body to need to work harder to raise it or to try to raise it somehow. Doctors need to find out why the body has raised its pressure and then treat the cause for why the heart is working harder to get blood throughout the body and up to the brain.  Taking a pill to lower the pressure is only going to make the body work harder to try to correct its problem. It is completely and totally the wrong thing to do.

Yes, if your pressure is really high, it is urgent to find out why and quickly, but it's wrong to take a pill to lower it without doing any further exploration as to the cause.

I told the young doctors that I didn't speak their language and it would be better if they could hear some of the things I was saying from another doctor. I tell everyone that I talk to about Dr. John Bergman. He is a "healing" chiropractor. He doesn't just adjust your spine, he helps you get to the root causes of your ailments and corrects or heals them.  I invite you to check out his youtube channel here.

People need to understand that the body can heal itself if you give it the true, natural medicine that it needs. Food is medicine. We have long gotten away from that concept and buried ourselves in the pleasure of sugar and chemicals disguised as food. The so-called "food" we eat is toxic. It is artificially manufactured with loads of additives in the form of chemical preservatives, artificial coloring and artificial flavoring. The goal of corporations that manufacture and process food is to make money. That means they need their products to last for a long time on a shelf and takes into consideration how long it takes them to get that food to a market or store. They must add chemical preservatives to make the food "last."

Fruits and vegetables in the grocery stores? First of all, most are genetically modified to be bigger, to have a longer shelf life and to be bug resistant. Despite all of that, they're still heavily sprayed with pesticides and many are covered with wax to add to that longer shelf life. By the time vegetables get to a supermarket, they are dead and have very little life-giving properties remaining (if they in fact have any at all). Fruits and vegetables should be fresh and still "alive" in order for our bodies to derive nutrition from them.  Genetically modified foods are not the way that God or nature made them. They do not have a proper response in our bodies. Everyone needs to find natural, organic farmers and buy their produce.  If you are not buying organic, you are taking years off of your life. I am just lightly touching on the subject of food and eating for life.  There's so much more.

Water? Should we even talk about all of the toxins in our water supply?  I used a Berkey water filter and love the silky, clean quality of the water is makes. There is absolutely no smell or taste to Berkey water. I highly recommend that you have an excellent water filtration system in your home. Water bottling companies are in the business of making plastic bottles. If you filter our own water, you will save money and put less in the environment to be disposed of. Clean water is essential to life.

So being healthy requires healthy thinking, healthy eating and healthy behavior. The body knows how to heal itself. There is so, so much more detail to all of this, but I was really happy and grateful to introduce my approach to healing into the thinking minds of some future doctors. Their minds were opened. They asked lots of questions and observed as I helped people who came through the market with whatever was ailing them. They saw that what I was doing worked for everyone that I came into contact with and I didn't need to touch anyone. As for what I specifically do, I am able to tap into a person's body and to make physical changes energetically. (And no, I don't do reikki; I don't even know what that is. I am a natural born healer.)  I can only explain what I am able to do as a gift from the Infinite Intelligence, The Creator of all things, The All That Is.  I am grateful to be able to help people.

Thanks for reading!


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