Caribbean Connection

2007 Video Interview and Performance

How nice of these ladies to ask me to their show.  We were filming at the West Indian Center in Hartford, CT.  The West Indian Center is a place where they also have huge parties and live bands.  We were there filming for the talk show around 6:00 pm.  They were having one of their huge parties that night and the DJ was already set up and absolutely booming the music.   As they were making their preparations, they kept the music on.  It was so loud that you could hear it throughout the whole entire facility.  Jamaicans love bass and that bass was vibrating the walls of the small meeting room that we were in.

Vangie, one of the hosts, went over to the hall and asked if they could hold off on the music for a bit.  Of course, they would not.  I had to go over there and request that they keep the music off or very low for at least half an hour so our segment could be recorded.  Luckily for us– they complied.  But, after about 15 minutes, the music started again.  I went back over and begged for 15 more minutes of quiet so we could finish.  They gave us 12 and that was it!  The music was back on full blast.  Fortunately, we were done!

The ladies had to consider going forward whether or not they were going to continue to use that facility for recording.  They would be able to do well as long as there were no festivities planned for the same day.

I always prefer to perform with a live band, because live music is just so awesome and organic.  But, for this talk show, I sang with my background tracks.  It came out okay.

Here are some excerpts of the show.  It is posted on youtube.


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