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Projects that I am involved in and endorse.

I am an Artist and have a passion for creating.
It's all about doing what you are, doing what you love and inspiring others.

MudCloth fabric is the ultimate.  It's astounding energy comes from the magical people who make it organically.  (In the picture is my precious grand daughter.)


A non-invasive, holistic approach to healing which stimulates the receiver's own recuperative powers. It is a modern form of laying-on-of-hands and is based on the principle of energy infusion into the receiver's body.  It is useful to reduce or eliminate pain, promote healing, and to elicit a relaxation response.


I am a web designer, graphic artist and a marketing person.  Let me know if you need me!




Artists of all forms doing what they are.

Art inspiring life interviews.

Editor & Founder

We are the Creators and Life Givers.

Inspirational e-zine where Women Inspire women.



The Dream Diviner

Dream interpretations.   I can give you the meaning behind the crazy dream you just had.
AVAILABLE NOW:  Send an email:  info@tgovan.com.

Earth Tones Music Distribution

On-line music distribution for selected independent artists. AVAILABLE YEAR END TO SELECTED ARTISTS ONLY. Submissions for review can be made soon.

"The Healer" Movie Coming 12/2020

A thought provoking and what you would consider science fiction (but is in fact reality-based) film written & produced by Tomaca. (Currently in the thought manifestation process.)

Enjoy My Amazing Sons:

Stroke can be a complete and total life altering situation. And unfortunately, it's common.


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