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Projects that I am involved in and endorse.

It's all about doing what you are, doing what you love and inspiring others.

I have a passion for creating - period.  Fabric is one of my favorite mediums.  It speaks to me.  There isn't enough time in the day for me when it comes to creating by sewing.  And MudCloth is the ultimate for me.  It is alive and magical.  The energy of it is astounding.  It's an organic handcrafted medium that possesses the energy of a magical people.  (In the picture is my little precious - my grand daughter.)


Editor & Founder

We are the Creators and Life Givers.

Inspirational e-zine where Women Inspire women.

I am a web designer, graphic artist and a marketing person.  Let me know if you need me!




Artists of all forms doing what they are.

Art inspiring life interviews.

It is amazing how common stroke is these days.

For those involved, it is a complete and total life altering situation.




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