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What is Team Tomaca?

Team Tomaca is a group of really cool, appreciated people who are Tomaca fans.  As a member of the team, you have the wonderful opportunity to make donations to help her make music.  Lots of perks come with that.  You'll get to hang out in an exclusive, private, Team Tomaca section of the website and get the first previews of new music from the ideas to the lyrics, to the instrumentation to be used including videos and conversations with the artist known as Tomaca.  Feedback and input - you get to be personally involved in the artistic creation of it all.

And which songs should be recorded in the studio?  You vote on that too.  She always has dozens of songs to choose from.  Every vote counts and your votes determine which songs and what artwork gets used for music releases - cd covers - tshirts, posters and all that stuff.

Want to hang out at the studio while things are being recorded live?  Well, you can be invited!  Other hang out points will also be available and announced to Team Tomaca.

Do you want to participate in all the fun??!!  As a team member, you'll get to be involved in the exciting step-by-step creation process and watch it all unfold!

Your name will be listed on the public Team Tomaca page.  You'll get first notice of gigs, back stage passes to hang out with Tomaca and the band and, of course, free music downloads!  Sound exciting?  Yes!

You already know she's a singer.  Tomaca is a dynamic, creative person -  very spiritual, a medium, a healer, a designer and creator of bags and hats, a crafter and an artist all around.  She'd love to have you on the team!

Any donation amount is appreciated, however, the perks listed above are available to those who donate $100 or more.  The money is used for studio time, musicians and mastering of the music.  Each song to be recorded will cost about $2,500.

Tomaca does her own artwork, but if you want to submit some - Team Tomaca people get to do so!  Let's all vote on stuff!  It will be fun.  We'd love your donated ideas and concepts.

We need to do photo sessions, makeup, wardrobe...we wanna do it big time -- or at least as big time as we can!

It's a great deal of work.  We need a team.  Be a part of Team Tomaca.  Make sure you subscribe on the side there so we have your email address.  Make a donation and Join today!


How do you donate, you ask?  EZ ways below:



CASHAPP -  $tomaca


Checks payable to:

Tomaca Govan
PO Box 804
Windsor, CT  06095

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