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The artistic mind is a fun and bizzy one!

Designing is sooo much fun.

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Tomaca Designs is something I've done off and on over the years.  I started back again in 2017 and it's become a full time endeavor.  Fabric speaks to me.  It always has.  I loved making my own clothes in high school and being unique.  These days, I am focused on making hats, bags, scarves and other accessories.  I find sewing to be so relaxing and actually creating to be so amazing. Feel free to take a look at the site Tomaca Designs, but do keep in mind that because I am actively doing craft fairs, I don't post all the items on the site.  I don't want to put things on the site and then sell them at a fair and have to deal with going back and forth adding and removing the products from the site.  I do post everything on the Tomaca Designs facebook page.

The mywear store website is awesome.  It allows you to actually place your designs on fabric which they in turn make into clothes.  I spent hours and hours and hours playing with colors and shapes, arranging them and strategically applying the designs to the various pieces of clothing. A friend suggested the name 3rdEye Ether.  I invite you to check it out and see if there's something you'd like.  http://3rdeyeether.mywearstore.com/







So, I've designed some tshirts and other stuff on cafepress.
My favorite is "I Love Me Some Me."
Click the link and check them out!

"Positives" are me.  I truly try to see the bright side of everything.  No matter what trials and tribulations you are experiencing, find the value in it.  It serves the purpose to teach you something and to uplift you to your next level. The soul grows....

Helping women find great self-esteem is important to me.

Check out my Positives t-shirts on cafepress.



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