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Karaoke @ Container Park

February 2, 2019 #tomacavegaslife, tomaca, vegas life 0
Karaoke @ Container Park

There's a place called Container Park in Las Vegas on Fremont Street.  Fremont Street is a really nice place.  Several blocks of fun and entertainment.  Restaurants, a variety of street performers, of course casinos and lots of people having fun on any given night is the highlight of Fremont Street.  It's like the mini-strip of Las Vegas.  Container Park features it's giant, fire spewing praying mantis!   It is a self-contained, open air arena with shops, restaurants and a large stage with seating.  They frequently provide free concerts.

As I was walking down toward Fremont, I could hear music and singing.  I realized it was karaoke and decided to drop in.  It was hosted by 15 Minutes of Fame Entertainment.  It was a Tuesday night, pretty chilly - but normal I guess for January in Vegas.  I put my name on the list and had a ball!

I didn't realize they recorded the whole performance.  Thanks guys!!!

note:  if you don't hear sound when you play the video, make sure you click the mute/unmute button on the video.



The Downtowner Motel

January 30, 2019 #tomacavegaslife, tomaca, vegas life 0
The Downtowner Motel


Along the highway there were beautiful statues of horses made from metal.  I would have taken pictures, but it was raining pretty heavily.  We were on the highway seemingly forever.  I don’t think the driver knew exactly where we were going.  I gave him the street address and he didn’t have a clue really and because he was on the highway so quickly, he couldn’t punch the address in the gps.  So, he was guessing.  Great.  Finally I mentioned Container Park, which is some kind of club/strip mall or something and he knew exactly where we were going.  Thank goodness!

In hindsight, I should have put the address in my own GPS and gotten us directions.

My driver was a nice young man though.  He was from Ethiopia.  He loves the climate in Vegas because he said it’s very much like this where he comes from.  I asked about the 120 degree summer days. He said, “yes, it’s beautiful.  Just drink a lot of water and you will be fine.”

“Is the water safe to drink here?” I asked.

“Oh, no, no.  You must drink bottled water.  The water here is hard and it’s not safe to drink.”

“Great,” I said to myself.  But, of course I know that all of our water is not completely safe…

We had a nice conversation.  He’s a Christian, from Ethiopia, hopes to find a wife someday and to have children.  He drives a taxi and has a roommate also from Ethiopia.  They split the rent so they can save money.  We talked more about Vegas and his impression of the city.  Nice young man.

I had googled the cost of a cab from the airport to the motel.  It told me it would cost me about $24.  Meanwhile the meter climbed far past that.  It ended up costing me almost $60.  Uber certainly would have been a lot cheaper but they don’t allow Uber to pick up at the airport here.  Which I understand because no one would ever take a cab and pay more.   Which brings to mind, why don’t taxi companies get a little more in line with Uber to lessen the competition?  Well, there are probably business matters that I know nothing about…

I arrived at the Downtowner Motel.  I read a lot of reviews about this place.  There were more negative reviews than positive ones. The main impression was that it was “dirty.” However, when I went to book a motel for my stay, they had the lowest price. That’s what I was looking for and what I needed – cheap.

I also know that people find what they project.  In other words, if you’re bitter in life or angry or carry a lot of negativity, that’s what you’re going to find in your surroundings and situations more often than not.  If you are light hearted, happy and positive, then that’s what you will find.

So I read the reviews and I focused on the positive ones.  “Nice,” “clean,” “friendly,” “excellent location,” etc.  That’s what I was looking for when I got here and you know what?  That’s exactly what I found.

The day before my arrival I got an email from Booking.com saying that they had forgotten to include the resort fees in the purchase price.  (Resort fees are what all of the hotels/motels here charge just because they just want to charge you more for the room without saying that they are just simply charging you more for the room.)  I was incensed.  I was absolutely not going to pay more than what was stated when I originally booked the room.  It would have almost doubled my cost to be here by adding an additional $210.  I complained about this to a friend and sweet, kind person she be, she immediately sent me $210 to help me out!  I love her!




The lovely lady at the desk, pulled up my reservation and read off the price that included the resort fee.  I immediately presented a printed copy of my email that had the original price that I booked the room for.  I could immediately sense that I was not going to have to be forceful about it.  I was grateful.  She was so very nice about it.  She confirmed that my original booking was for that price in the system and said “we’ve been having problems with booking.com.”  So my original price stood and that’s what I paid.

She put me in the back of the building on the second floor.  She said, “you’ll like it there, it’s very quiet.  There’s no elevator, there are stairs.”

I groaned and said “Oh, I’ll have to struggle to get my luggage up the stairs.”  She immediately offered to send someone over to help.  I said “over to help” because I was actually staying in the building across the street from the check in location.   Then superwoman responded and said “Oh, that’s okay, I can handle a flight of stairs with these.”  Superwoman never minds her business. She always speaks up when she’s not spoken to.

Not a super big deal though.  I struggled, but I made it up here.  And how cute the room is!  It’s darling and it’s reasonably clean.  The bed is super, super comfy and the sheets are very clean.  Bathroom could use a bout with superwoman doing a cleaning job, but it wasn’t bad at all.  The only thing is that the carpet is a little grimy.  I did expect that and brought my slippers.  I told them across the way that I was very pleased with everything and mentioned the carpet situation.  I told them I would leave a very good review for them.  You could see that they are in the process of making improvements and renovations on their properties and they said that they were going to remove all the carpet and just go with regular floors.  Good idea because people are messy.  I can imagine how many spilled sodas and coffees have accumulated on the rug here.  No big deal though.  Superwoman bought her slippers!


My Vegas Arrival

January 25, 2019 tomaca, vegas life 0
My Vegas Arrival



On the original itinerary, it said the plane would arrive at 3:00 pm.  We left Atlanta half an hour or so late because it was raining in Vegas.  I never rains in Vegas so they were freaking out and delaying incoming flights.  Funny, huh?

We actually got to Vegas just after 1:30 pm.  I just assumed that they took into account the time change on the plane schedule and that it was arriving at 3:00 Vegas time. I never stopped and counted the hours and matched amount of flight time.  So according to Vegas time I had an hour and a half before I could check into my motel.

I sat down in the airport and took the time to message my family and friends to let them know that I had arrived safely.  I texted a picture of the welcome to Vegas sign in the airport.  I’m here.  I’m standing on the ground.

My arrival was uneventful – not as I pictured it.  I expected to feel a surge of energy or something inside. Hard to explain or to describe, but I was looking for something.  But, it was okay.  Inside me is such rock hard determination to make this move work.  I had locked myself in inertia for so many months waiting for this one event.  I put so much on hold.  I found it hard to do much of anything except look at apartments on the internet and look at what was happening in Vegas and what to do.  My mind has been here for a long time.  In fact, I started broadcasting that I was going to Vegas to find singing opportunities two years ago.  I made it here just shy of two years.  Now I’m here and it’s definitely on.  I’m focused and moving forward with my plan.

Meanwhile the car:

My son had it towed to my mechanics (Burhoes in Bloomfield, I love those guys) and when I got off the plane and turned my phone on, there was a voice mail message from them asking that I call.  Uh oh!  Oh no!  Couldn’t be good news.

The power steering tension belt blew.  Because it’s an entire assembly versus just slipping on a belt, the repair would cost $800.  I felt sooooo bad.  It wouldn’t be worth putting $800 into the car.  I was giving my son a gift that turned out to be a bomb.  I felt so bad that I wanted to turn around and go back home and make the situation right.

Of course, the philosophical side of me looked at the situation very differently.  There’s a lesson here – there are lessons for both of us.  There is an opportunity here not just to learn but to also change some karma.  I won’t break it all down in this post, but when you look at things spiritually, you see the reality.  You can clearly see all the growth opportunities and positive outcomes if embraced in such a manner.  However, the me that is Mom wanted to put on her bat cape and fix it, but she had to stand down and sit this one out.

So I have the car situation heavy on my mind.  I have troubling emotions, but none the less I have to regroup myself.  I begin to reflect and relax and to accept that everything will be okay.  Meanwhile, I have to text a lot of people to let them know that I arrived safely and I am okay.  Texting, texting, texting – I’m here, I’m here, I’m here; I made it, I’m here.



I eventually made my way outside to grab a taxi to head to the motel.

Atlanta to #VegasLife

January 25, 2019 tomaca, vegas life 0
Atlanta to #VegasLife

I sat and dozed off and on as I waited for the next flight.  I was really sleepy and sleeping as I sat in the chair.  We’ve all had that experience when we fall asleep in a chair and your head falls back and your mouth is wide open and suddenly you catch yourself as your head snaps all the way back and you jerk it forward and wake up.  I did this for about an hour.  And you know that I had to look really funny, but I was so tired, I didn’t care.

Well, let me back up - - The Atlanta airport is huge.  First I had to walk forever, go on the sliding floor train thing, walk some more, maybe I took an escalator way, way down and then I caught a train to get to the next terminal.  Underground trains are everywhere!

Fortunately, my itinerary was set up by a wonderful friend who travels regularly.  She knew that I would need an hour and a half layover to make sure I had adequate time to get to the next terminal. This would include time in case I got lost!  Thanks Cat!

The flight was relatively uneventful.  I sat snuggled with my jacket over me as it was very cold on the plane.  I slept rather uncomfortably because I really wanted to recline my seat so my head could lay back, but I didn’t want to impose on the person’s space behind me.  I slept off and on nevertheless.  I put in my ear buds and listened to fantastic music.  Every time I woke up, I changed the artist that was playing.  Two of Sade’s early cds kept me in lala land.  Donny Hathaway, with that phenomenal colorful voice tone rocked me.  My Los Angeles friends – Al Lucero and Sammy – really put icing on the cake.  Al’s production and Sammy’s voice are a match made in heaven. The style is old school and so relaxing!

As I woke up off and on, during my flight, at one point I realized that my necklace was not on.  It had a metallic snap fastener. As I constantly snuggled myself under my jacket, I must have accidentally pulled it off.   My beautiful and amazing aromatherapy bottle (created by Sarah Rose) slipped off.  I got up and pulled up the seat and scoured the floor, with interested onlookers wondering what I was doing, but never found the bottle.  I found the necklace string, but no bottle.  I was very upset with myself. I love that necklace and wanted to wear it out here as a charm.  I contacted Sarah Rose and told her that I need to order another one as soon as I have a mailing address here.  Oh well…

Necklace with the missing bottle and charm!

I am not a frequent flyer.  When it was time to get off the plane, I had no idea where to pick up my luggage or how to find out where

to pick up the luggage. I scanned boards that displayed information and didn’t see anything.  I tried to follow other passengers as they got off the plane, but everyone seemed to disappear within the crowds at the airport.  I also realized that I didn’t pay attention to any of the faces on the plane – so I couldn’t recognize anyone to follow.  Plus, I had just slept for the last four hours…

I finally found a free delta agent that I could ask and she looked it up for me.  Again, because the airport is so large, you have to walk all the way down forever, take a left (or was it a right?), go down the stairs and then take the train to area XYZ.  So I did all of that and arrived in a huge area where there were many luggage conveyor belt areas.  I was rushing through trying to read all the signs and looking for delta.  Again, by the mercy of something- I found an agent who told me which number area to go to.  I looked way down the way and saw people all around the belt in mass.  It was so far away that by the time I got there, most of the people were gone.  I know that no one would want to take my luggage; everyone was interested in collecting their own.  But I’m sure everyone has in their mind that they must rush and get their luggage.  So did I.

As I said, by the time I got down there, just about everyone was gone and only a few random suitcases were swirling around and around.  Two of them were mine.  I’ll have to get better at this traveling thing.  Everyone else seemed to know where the luggage was. Maybe it was listed on the app or something -- ?   I haven’t a clue but will learn how to do this effectively for the next time I fly.

Just before we boarded this flight, they offered people the opportunity to check their carry on bags.  I chose the option because my suitcase was so heavy that it was hard for me to put it up there and take it down without help.  On the first flight, very nice men helped me put it up and take it down so I could roll it and be on my way.  Of course, I struggled with carrying it on and off the plane itself.  The aisle was not wide enough for me to roll it.

I didn’t want to show weakness.  I don’t want to appear like a weak, little old lady; so I put on my “I-got-this-face” and struggled like hell on the inside to look strong carrying the bag. I also told myself that now is the time to start really working out and to include weights in my regiment. I want to be stronger.

So, walking on the plane without the bag and then walking through the terminal after the flight without the bag made me feel really carefree.  As I told J on the first flight, because I’m moving and am in between places, I have no keys.  No keys for a car and no keys for a home.  It felt so freeing.  Walking carrying just my pretty, big bag that I had just made days before for traveling, felt cool.


Maybe other people would be freaking out about not “being somewhere” – not having a residence, not having a car…. but all of this made me feel light.  And, I wasn’t in fear and I didn’t feel insecure or uncomfortable.  I am bound for this adventure and open to whatever it brings.   And I have the expectation that it will be all good things.




And So It Begins…

January 25, 2019 tomaca, vegas life 0
And So It Begins…

I am moving to Vegas!



There is so much that went into this before this day - January 15, 2019 - arrived.  I’ll probably share more details in the future.  For now, I’ll focus on this one day:



The day started off in what could have been some crazy drama, but I didn’t let it be so.  My son spent the night at my place so he could take me to the airport in the morning and keep the car.


My little old car, George, has always been a rock for me.  He always got me from point A to B without a hitch.  It made a funny noise when I parked it last night.  And I know my car.  I know this noise was something.  But, I let my mind tell me it was nothing.  However, this morning when my son and I went to leave for the airport at 3:50 AM, it was hard - really hard - to steer the car.  In fact, it was so hard that I pulled out of the space and then immediately struggled to turn it properly to put it back into the space.  Something was very wrong.  I felt so bad.  Here my son had been waiting months for me to leave so he could have my car and now this!  But I didn’t have time to deal with it.  I had to get to the airport.  So I gave him instructions to have it towed to the mechanics and that we’d get it fixed.


So he instructed me to download the uber app.  For the first time in my life, I used uber.  The driver was there within nine minutes and got me to the airport in time.  Such an easy process.  Download the app and pay through the phone.  Functional and simplistic!


The driver was really nice.  He was from Haiti and started with uber when the company first came into being.  He said he made really good money then, but now everyone is driving for uber, so he makes less.  Anyway, we talked all the way to the airport about a variety of topics -  Haiti, stupid trump, ubering and also my car.  He said it was a problem with the power steering and if we were lucky it would only need some fluid.  Well, that would be nice I thought.  Well, more about the car at the end of the flight.


Get to the airport and of course there’s a line.  But it did move quickly and smoothly.  I felt so sorry for all of the TSA people who are literally working without pay!  It’s crazy. Trump and his cronies are crazy, but we’ll leave that for now.


I stand in the giant circular xray machine with my arms up as if I’m under arrest.  My back brace and my earrings made splotches on my image.  Why of course I had to have a good old TSA pat down. The young lady who did my “rub down” was being trained by another woman who was directing her conversation with me and how she patted or rubbed me down.  They were extremely polite and asked if I wanted to go to a place where there was more privacy for the procedure.  That was nice, I appreciated that. I said, no that’s fine, just go ahead and do what you’ve got to do.  I pulled off my back brace and held my arms out to the side.


Now that was done, another woman was holding one of my suitcases off to the side.  She pointed at a blob on the xray and said she had to open my suitcase.  I said “Oh, those are my ankle weights.  No problem, open away and check what you need to.”


She pulled out the ankle weights and ran them through some sort of machine to make sure it wasn’t a bomb. Then, she rubbed this round metal thing on my hands to test for “bomb making chemicals.”  I had to laugh about that.  I found the whole process interesting.  But, of course, no bomb, no chemicals and I was free to put my back brace back on and to continue to the terminal.


After a short wait, we were boarding the plane.


As I stepped into the plane and started moving inward, my first inclination was to turn around and run off the plane.  I looked at the tube that I was walking into and I wanted to freak out.  I felt positively claustrophobic.  I really wanted to freak out.  And for a few moments I felt freaked out.  I wanted to turn around and press through all of the people getting on the plane so I could get off the plane.  Thoughts crossed my mind of riding a train out to Vegas instead of flying.


But then, I told myself to calm down, relax and deal with it.  I pulled my mind out of the "freaked out zone," and took my seat.  I told myself that I will just close my eyes, sleep and project my thoughts on landing and being off the plane.  Plus, I told myself that I fly all the time in my dreams, so if the plane were to crash, I would just fly!  Ha hahaha!  It helped me to relax.  I sat and projected white light all around my body and then throughout the inside of the plane and then on the entire outside of the plane for safety.  All of my relaxation techniques worked.  I can't say for sure that putting white light around the plane worked, but I like to think it did!

There were two seats. I got the seat next to the window, snuggled in, buckled up and made myself comfortable.  A lovely lady smiled, said "hi" and sat in the seat next to me.  I said "hi" back and went back into my own thoughts, closed my eyes and relaxed.


I haven’t flown that often but have to admit that I do look forward to the plane jetting down the runway and slowly lifting up into the sky.  It amazes me.  It's like being on an amusement ride.  The speed, the rush, the lift.  It will always take me back to my son's first airplane ride when he was a little guy.  He felt the rush and was thrilled and yelled out loudly "woah!" with a huge smile on his face.  Everyone looked over at him and smiled. They shared his joy.  He was such an action-oriented child - always running and jumping. He loved the experience of the lift off.  I will always relive that moment of him on every plane take off.  The thrill of that child.


The lady next to me, pulled out her breakfast and ate after the plane got up in the air.  I closed my eyes and relaxed deeper still hoping to get some sleep as I had been up most of the night.  The thought of needing to be at the airport at 4:00 AM freaked me out.  It was hard to go to sleep. I was really tired, which was good because I wanted to sleep during the entire 7 hours of flight, which I considered an ordeal.


I dozed off and at some point, the lady next to me, shook me and pointed at the window across the way from us.  "Look at that sunrise!" she said. It was truly beautiful.  Even through the small plane window across the aisle we could see the amazing colors in the sky as the sun began to rise.  It would have been a fantastic photo.  If I was on the other side of the plane, I would have tried capture that shot.  From our window, all we could see were the wing and the clouds.  But – the clouds were very cool.  They formed peaks and valleys.  It looked like there were mountains. I imagined that there were cities there…  I tried to take a picture, but only got a shot of the flash against the window.


My new friend “J” and I talked about how beautiful the sunrise was and how lucky we were to see it.  That opened up a dialogue that kept us talking throughout the entire plane ride as we flew from Connecticut to Atlanta.  It was so nice to meet someone who shared similar ideas about life, spirituality, and how we as individuals felt we fit into the world.


I won’t share a lot of the details of our conversation, but let’s just say it was deep.  We found so many similarities between us.  As I do with everyone, I go to the point where I  told her that “I love me some me!  Don’t you love you some you?”

She laughed and said, “OMG, you’ve got to make that into a song!”

Well, that’s a good idea.  Thanks J.  I should.


There is no such thing as “coincidence.”  The word coincide is an intentional crossing of paths.  The word “coincidence” comes from “coincide.”  We were meant to meet.  God put her next to me on that plane.  We’ve been in touch since our shared flight.  We’re instant soul friends!


Before the flight ended, we connected on facebook so we could stay in touch.  We said our goodbyes as she headed for Alabama by uber and I waited for my next flight to Vegas.


Digging Out Old Videos & Pictures

July 15, 2017 tomaca Comments Off on Digging Out Old Videos & Pictures
Digging Out Old Videos & Pictures


As part of the moving process, I am purging, purging, purging.  As emotionally attached as I was to certain items, I decided, sadly, to let them go.  My goal was to get my possessions down to 5 large boxes and to ship them via FedEx Ground.

So, I went through every single item that I owned.  I touched it, looked at it and thought about it.  Then the decision was made to keep it or to let it go.

I will start over fresh – which means I will brake for every tag sale I come across looking for furniture for my new place, in my new location across the U.S.  Most of the furniture I have now I purchased at a tag sale.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they say!  I found some really cool pieces at tag sales and know that I will find more cool stuff.

I had a couple of boxes of family memories on video tapes of various sizes and many that had already been burned to DVD.  Instead of dragging those items with me, I chose to digitize everything – including family photos.

Not only does digitizing them make it easier to keep with me, but it also makes it easier to look at everything with today’s technology.

Going through all of our memories really does a job on us.  I was so teary eyed as I  watched all of those wonderful past experiences with my kids.  It took me back.

An appropriate introduction to my song “Memory Lane.”



In addition to all of my family memories, I also have some video and pictures of my past performances and interviews.  As I go through them, I am posting bits and pieces.  I hope you enjoy them.


More news to come on the big move.


As always, thanks for reading!





June 12, 2017 music, tomaca Comments Off on Woodshedding…


Woodshedding to musicians means practice.  It means that you are stepping back from everything to sharpen and hone your skills.


I’m woodshedding heavily this month.  Every day is geared towards getting better, stronger and more diverse vocally.  It’s been about a decade since I’ve formally sung in a live situation with musicians.  I’ve got to take time to get my ears right, my sound right, my body right, my voice right.  When I come back out again with the live shows, I want to come out strong and confident.

Being confident is different from being arrogant.  Being arrogant means that you are beyond reproach with your nose up in the air.  You consider yourself better than. I won’t work with anyone like that.

Being confident means that you are well prepared to undertake a situation, but you don’t lose your humility.   I am always humble and grateful for this gift that has been loaned to me for this lifetime.

I spend a minimum of 5 hours a day working on my voice and my body.  I’m working out – exercising with zumba (!!!), lifting weights, walking and stretching.  Working out my voice running scales and stretching to reach more highs and lows in addition to making sure that every note that I hit is solid and strong.


I joke and say that I am working on my “voices” – plural.  I am so fortunate to have a 3-4 octave range, and the ability to sing across genres – R&B, jazz and opera.  I have to openly admit that I love my operatic voice the best.  The energy surging through my body feels amazing.  It’s like my body is plugged into some kind of current and it comes up and out.  And the sound is so big.  Well – you’ve heard opera singers on tv or somewhere.  It’s a beautiful sound that fills a hall.


I was this little girl with this big operatic voice.  I could be heard above the whole choir.   I was ignored.  I started singing more softly.  I cut the flow and reduced my presence.   (Sniff, sniff…)  Oh well.  Life has moved on and now I am here.  It’s up to me to do what I love and to develop it so I can do it well.

I interject here – parents, pay attention to your children.  Help them to do the things that they really love to do.  If that means paying for lessons or finding people or a person that they can work with to develop their skills, do it.  Encourage and support them!

My kids had the opportunity to do and experiment with just about anything they wanted – dance, sing, play instruments, gymnastics, sports, art, martial arts, etc., etc., etc.  The only thing that we could not do was to help my son become a racer.  The costs to do that were extreme – buying bikes and equipment, traveling to different courses,  paying coaches…  It’s too bad; he really would have done very well.  He was suited for  it.

Okay – now back to me…   I don’t play any instruments.  I can read music, but it takes me some time to really make sense of it by applying it to a piano.  I’m working on that too.  At this stage, I may never be a “good” or fluent musician on any instruments, but I am learning a little bit.

Love Me Some Me!

June 2, 2017 designs, tomaca Comments Off on Love Me Some Me!
Love Me Some Me!

Who do you love?  Lots of people right?  But you are included in that!  Tell the world that you love you some you.  And never forget to love yourself.  You are special!



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Performing With Live Music vs Tracks

June 2, 2017 music, tomaca Comments Off on Performing With Live Music vs Tracks
Performing With Live Music vs Tracks

Live Performance



The difference between performing with live musicians versus tracks is substantial.


With tracks, you basically sing the song with prerecorded music.  For me, it’s just singing along as if I’m doing karaoke.  It is fun, but it’s predictable because there is no change in the music and the feel of the music.  I can sing all over it, but there is no one to interact with.  Tracks are really good though if the venue is limited or the budget is limited.  Good artists make them work.


With life musicians — oooooh!  There’s a lot of energy coming from the people playing the music and from the music itself.  It’s not just live – it is “live.”  The music is alive.  It’s moving, flowing and taking you places.  There is so much more to do because everyone is feeling something different and exciting from the music being created.   It goes places and takes you with it if you become a part of it doing what it’s doing.  I don’t know how to explain it much differently…

There is a pattern and a structure to the song, but there are so many different variations that can occur.  From solos to changes in the pattern, to accents in various places to going back and forth vocally with the guitar or the horn – it’s an amazing feeling.  Improvisation.  People have the freedom to improvise on the spot in various places.  We’re all along for the ride.  We’re riding on those vibrations from the music.


As a listener, you already know.  Music takes you places.


2007 Video Interview and Performance

May 30, 2017 music, tomaca Comments Off on 2007 Video Interview and Performance
2007 Video Interview and Performance


How nice of these ladies to ask me to their show.  We were filming at the West Indian Center in Hartford, CT.  The West Indian Center is a place where they also have huge parties and live bands.  We were there filming for the talk show around 6:00 pm.  They were having one of their huge parties that night and the DJ was already set up and absolutely booming the music.   As they were making their preparations, they kept the music on.  It was so loud that you could hear it throughout the whole entire facility.  Jamaicans love bass and that bass was vibrating the walls of the small meeting room that we were in.

Vangie, one of the hosts, went over to the hall and asked if they could hold off on the music for a bit.  Of course, they would not.  I had to go over there and request that they keep the music off or very low for at least half an hour so our segment could be recorded.  Luckily for us– they complied.  But, after about 15 minutes, the music started again.  I went back over and begged for 15 more minutes of quiet so we could finish.  They gave us 12 and that was it!  The music was back on full blast.  Fortunately, we were done!

The ladies had to consider going forward whether or not they were going to continue to use that facility for recording.  They would be able to do well as long as there were no festivities planned for the same day.

I always prefer to perform with a live band, because live music is just so awesome and organic.  But, for this talk show, I sang with my background tracks.  It came out okay.

Here are some excerpts of the show.  It is posted on youtube.





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